Bright Boot Camp – Cycling Training Camp

Australia’s Original and Number One Alpine Cycling Training Camp!

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November Camp – Melb Cup Weekend Camp 31st Oct – 4th Nov 2014

February Camp 2015 13-17 Feb (TBC)

For the cyclist that likes a challenge…

Wide open roads, no traffic lights, little traffic and great mountain scenery….

If you’re a serious recreational or racing cyclist that wants to get more out of your cycling then the Bright Boot Camp is the Cycling Training Camp for you!

Many riders use our camp as training for their mid year European cycling trip, the Tour of Bright, SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge or the Audax Alpine Classic and Audax ACE 250.

Taking part in one of Australia’s most scenic Alpine areas, the Bright Boot Camp will give you the chance to climb Mt Buffalo, Mt Hotham, Tawonga Gap and Falls Creek during four days of intense cycling heaven. It’s one of the best Cycling Training Camps in Australia. We have been running our cycling training camps in Bright since 2007.

Take Action!
There are strictly a limited number of spaces available. Early booking is essential to ensure you secure your place. Please register your interest so that you can keep up with the latest news and updates leading up to our camp weekends.

Where is it Held

Our rides start from the following address:

Porepunkah Pines Tourist Resort
7065 Great Alpine Rd
Porepunkah VIC 3740

Click here to go to Google Maps for the location

General Camp Itinerary guide

(full camp itinerary will be provided 4 weeks before camp date)

Evening Check in

6:00-8:00pm Evening Check in and BBQ (supplied)


7:25-7:40am Rider Briefing
7:40am-12:00pm Mt Buffalo
1:00pm-3:00pm Body Maintenance
5:00pm – 8:00pm Evening seminars and Dinner (cost not included) – Bright


7:25-7:30am Rider Briefing
7:30am-2:30pm Falls Creek return, Mt Beauty return or Top of Tawonga Gap return


7:25-7:30am Rider Briefing
7:30am-2:30pm Mt Hotham return, Mt Hotham Toll Gates return or Harrietville return
5:00pm – 8:00pm Evening seminars and Dinner (cost not included) – Bright


7:25-7:30am Rider Briefing
7:30am-1:30pm Gaps Loop or Myrtleford return
3:00pm Late Checkout

Climb and Course Information

There is no doubt that the full four days of the Bright Boot Camp are tough. Keeping this in mind we offer shorter rides for those that want to experience the fantastic ambiance that the Bright Alpine region has to offer without having to totally commit to the four big days. Every day is flexible so you can now tailor your Bright Boot Camp experience as you ride. It’s also great if you plan to bring your family or partner up with you. Now you can customise your Bright Boot Camp to fit your family time commitments and differing fitness levels between you and your partner. What’s more is that you won’t be riding alone. You’ll still have on road support and be riding with people of similar ability!

Day 1 – Mt Buffalo return

Mt Buffalo return (56 km)

Easy, go at your own pace, climb of the scenic Mt Buffalo to ease you into what’s to come…


Day 2 – Falls Creek Climb

Option 1 – Falls Creek return (130 km)

Option 2 – Mt Beauty return – Coffee Ride (70 km)

Option 3 – Top of Tawonga Gap return (35 km)

Another stunning ride whichever option you take!


Day 3 – Mt Hotham

Option 1 – Mt Hotham return (121 km)

Option 2 – Control Rates return (80 km)

Option 3 – Harrietville return – Coffee Ride (52 km)

Yes, it’s a big day.But you don’t have to ride the whole stage! We have turn around points at Harrietville and the control gates.

Click here for the Mt Hotham profile and route

Day 4 – Tawonga Gap Loop

Option 1 – Follows the stage one course of the tour of bright (108 km)

Option 2 – Myrtleford return – Coffee ride (49 km)

A challenging but rewarding ride, again through some fantastic scenic mountain climbs. (108km)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bright Boot Camp About?
The Bright Boot Camp is structured around either the serious recreational rider or club racing rider who is looking for a challenging four days of riding. Not intended to be an easy four days this cycling training camp is focused on helping improve your fitness and general well-being as a cyclist. We provide informative lectures on improving cycling performance. Riders that have attended these cycling training camps regularly see a marked improvement with their cycling performance around two weeks after the camp.

Is there a difference between the Nov and Feb camps?
There is no difference between the way we run each of the camps. The only difference is that he Feb cycling training camp usually a little hotter.

Who attends the camp?
Riders that attend these cycling training camps are keen races or serious recreational cyclists that may have ridden rides like “Around the bay in a day”, “The Alpine Classic” or the “Great Victorian bike ride” and are looking for the next big event. This is not to say that people that haven’t ridden these events can’t come to the camp. We get a good cross section of abilities and cater for them accordingly. Riders or groups of riders can also attend the camp and provide their own accommodation if they choose. We have people from all-around the world attend the camp. Many riders use our camp as training for their mid year European cycling trips, the Tour of Bright, the SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge or the Audax Alpine Classic.

How hard is it?
This is four big days of riding through some of the largest accessible climbs to cyclists in Australia. You do need to have a good cycling base before coming to this camp. For some, the weekend is filled with just four things; riding, attending the seminars, eating and sleeping. We do have shorter versions of the rides for those that want to take it a little easier or don’t meet the fitness requirements to climb to the top of Hotham and Falls Creek. Click here to check out the course details.

How fit do I need to be?
Firstly, the Bright Boot Camp is structure so that it can be ridden by novice to the elite cyclists.

Generally you would need to:

  • have been riding regularly for more than two years
  • able to complete a 100km ride with ease with an average speed above 25km
  • be comfortable riding in a bunch of 10+ riders.

Remember that everyone is different so these are recommendations and you should take into consideration your own personal circumstances.

What sort of training should I be doing?
Ideally a minimum of 200 km a week for at least 6 weeks prior to the camp if you want to complete all four full days of the camp. Again, everyone is different… We now offer shorted “cafe” rides for those that want to experience the fantastic ambiance that the Bright Alpine region has to offer without having to totally commit to the four big days. Every day is flexible so you can now tailor your Bright Boot Camp experience as you ride. It’s also great if you plan to bring your family or partner to the camp.

Do you get many interstate and international riders to the camp?
Yes we do.

Is accommodation included in the camp?
Sorry, we no longer provide accommodation as an additional option. We stay at the Porepunkah Pines Tourist Resort and recommend you contact them for your booking arrangements or book in at your preferred accommodation in the Bright region.

Does the camp fee include the cost of getting to and from the Bright Alpine region?

Do you offer transport from and to Melbourne Airport for interstate and international people attending the camp?
Sorry, we do not.

Does the camp fee include the cost of meals?
No – only the BBQ on Friday night, alcohol is not provided. Bright has lots of restaurants, cafes, two pubs, an ice cream shop and a well stocked and reasonably priced Super Market that sells wine. Whether it’s eat in, takeaway or dine out, you certainly won’t go without a place to buy food. It’s all within riding and driving distance from our accommodation.

What are the rides like?
Depends on how fast you ride them. Some of the climbs take over 2 hours to complete. It’s a go at your own pace. You will have support riders helping you during the ride. On the first day we will get an indication of your comparative fitness level based on your climb of Mt Buffalo. From this climb we will seed you into one of the three or four bunches that you will ride in for the rest of the camp. We have shorter “cafe” rides for those that want to take it a little easier or don’t meet the fitness requirements to climb Hotham and Falls Creek.

Do I need a minimum lowest gear?
YES! We recommend that you ride with a lowest gear which is a 39 tooth front chain-ring and 27 tooth rear sprocket or greater. That is a 25, 26, 27, 28 or a 29. I personally spin up hills so like to a 39 front and a 29 rear. Compact cranks and tripples are also ideal. Remember the climbs are long so having a comfortable gear that you can climb in for sustained periods is very important. It’s all down to personal choice though so if you’re an elite rider you may find a 21 or a 23 quite appropriate.

Is the Bright Boot Camp aimed at elite cyclists? Or do keen recreational cyclists come long for a challenge, meet nice people and enjoy some lovely scenery?
We have a blend of elite cyclists and keen recreational cyclists that attend every camp. On the first day we seed the riders and place them in one of three groups that are appropriate for them for the rest of the camp. That way they get to ride with riders of the same ability. The groups each have different agendas. Group 1 generally go flat out where as group 3, come long for a challenge, meet nice people and enjoy some lovely scenery. If it all gets too hard then we offer the cafe rides. We even have some of group 1 join us for this ride on the last day.

Do you have many women attend the camp?
Yes we do. The number of woman that attend the camp varies from camp to camp. We generally get quite a few to each camp.

What is our motivation for doing the Bright Boot Camp?
The Bright Boot Camp was a concept that was created after a training session during 2006′s Australia Day weekend. We all had such a fantastic time that we decided to extend the invitation to cyclist all around Australia. We wanted to create a unforgettable four days of cycling that would make a lasting impression. Something that the participants will share with their cycling buddies when they get back home.

Do you have on road support?
Yes, we provide comprehensive on road assistance to all riders with support vehicles and support riders that perform “domestique” duties and provide coaching assistance during the rides, you just have to ask them.


Your helper Damien was VERY good, they ALL were. I’m disappointed with myself for not asking more climbing questions and getting feedback to help improve, too engrossed in doing the daily rides!

I think for me the Free Speed will come only if I lose more weight, 78kg now, too heavy.

Thanks to you & David for having me, I would never have attempted the last 4 days BBC on my own!


I just like to say what a great 4 days I had. David and you put on a great event.
I would like to say a special thanks to Rohan what a fantastic job he did, he made the rides so enjoyable and funny he went out of his way to make everyone keep in a group he climbed Mt Hotham 3 times I reckon going back to get other people so well done Rohan.

So thanks again Jodie for a great event and thanks a lot

I was unsure of what to expect BUT I had a great time. I only wish I had done more climbing fitness- I do love the hills.(ask Creighton)

The Bright region is really fantastic. I had never travelled through this region but I will be back.

I was asked by Creighton to join him on this Camp and I am very glad I did.

I would like to thank you & David and all the crew. I think I spent time with them all- Super Team !!

I have already told many other cyclists how good it was, and while we had the weather gods looking after us, I think we still would have had a great experience if things turned…. (I had the gear ready)

I would like to say I will be back, as I hate being beaten and Tawonga GAP beat me twice. (and Mt Hotham awaits…)

All the best and thank you both, it was truly a great experience for me.

Had a top time. Met great people in our group and will be catching up with some of them when they come over for the TDU, may even bump into you guys.

Great weekend and I can understand why some have come back to do it again.

Carl L
Had a fantastic time on your Boot Camp. I missed out on the November one last year, so was very glad to do this one. Have already requested Cup Day Off next year.

All the Support Riders, Vehicles (and their drivers, much enthusiasm & encouragement) and the Terrain were excellent.

This all made life incredibly easier, safer and much more enjoyable.

It’s great to learn new skills and get to practise them straight away in such a fantastic location and the superb weather was an absolute bonus.

Have left Bright very motivated and keen to train harder and hopefully smarter.

My wife Karen and eight Year old son Toby had a great time up at Bright as well, which is a big bonus has a Happy Wife is a Happy life.

Having strongly recommended your Bright Boot Camp to many of my cycling friends.

Thanks Again

Thanks for organising such a great four days of cycling. I have a wonderful time and even raced on the Tuesday night feeling great. We really lucked in with the weather too. Considering it was forecast for snow on the mountains.

Using the Buffalo climb as a way to seed the riders was great and great to see riders in the group waiting before heading off again.

Once again had lots of fun and am looking forward to my next cycling adventure.

Carl R
Thanks heaps for the recent Boot Camp in Bright. I had a great experience and it’s given me new found confidence to tackle the 3 Peaks next March.

thanks for the great riding over the four days, although at times I felt out of my depth being surrounded by such talented cyclists it was very enjoyable. My favourite days riding were Sunday to Falls Creek as no matter what level people were at no one was made to feel they were holding us up or going to slow, yourself and Karin managed everyone very well.

Tuesday was also great Tim and myself having our very own domestique’s to help us out to the climb at Tawonga Gap, ensuring we were well looked after in the bunch.

A special thanks must go to Karin she was extremely kind and helpful when I was having a crisis of confidence after Monday ride, her tips and hints on where to stay in the bunch and what to do on Tuesday were very helpful. I shall hope to return next year and bring some more people along as I think they are ready to now tell me to shut up they are sick of hearing about how good it was

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Hall of Fame

Bright Boot Camp Participants Feb 2014

David Heatley (Senior Coach, Support Rider & Presenter)
Danny Kah (Support Rider)
Matt Clark(Support Rider)
Sam Crome (Support Rider)
Morgan Smith (Support Rider)
Scott Ambrose (Support Rider)
Shannon Johnson (Support Rider)
Raphael Freienstein (Support Rider)
David Fairburn (Support Rider/Presenter)
Jodie Batchelor (Support Driver/Rider)
Olof Szymczak (Support Rider)
John Willis (Support Driver)
Rhys Pollock (Support Driver)
Pauline Woolley (Support Driver)

Adam Carlon
Alex Holden
Angus Fisk
Charles Mosse
Chris Beckett
Clem Piscitelli
Constantino Caccamo
Craig MrGrath
Damian Halloran
Darren Allan
David Carlon
Frank Marzan
Gary Polkinghorne
Joe Beech
Joe Hooper
Kelvin Smith
Luke Koekoek
Melinda Tynan
Nicholas Fisk
Nigel May
Ophelia Tynan
Rod Dux
Steven Brown
Sue Tierney
Thomas Martin
Tim Lyons

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