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We have posted a huge range of free articles on our website but there is a lot of information that we don’t post for free. This is the specific information that makes you ride faster, for longer with less effort…. the details that will help you win races or post your personal best at your next recreational or gran fondo event. This information is “the grit”. It’s the information that we only pass on to our paid coaching clients. It’s the information that we don’t give away for free.

It is not waffle or hearsay stuff that you’ll get from your mates over coffee after a hard ride or read on the internet on some blog site from someone that thinks they have an opinion. We cut through the crap to bring you the premium and proven cycling training information that will have you get closer to riding the best that you can ride. This premium membership area contains the stuff that in our experience is proven to actually work. That will actually make a difference to your riding. It’s “the grit”. And… it’s for people who seek the truth.

Like all quality things, this information is not given away; you have to pay for it.

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Just like Facebook; post images, get updated on everything that happening in the premium members area, become friends with other premium members, have your own image album and comment of our status.

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Introduce yourself to our premium members, ask training questions, post your training updates, post and hookup with local training rides in your area, get even more training tips, discuss cycling equipment and discuss anything related to cycling here with our premium members.

Indoor Cycle Training Videos

While riding on the road is important and enjoyable, there are many reasons why you should consider taking a significant portion of your training indoors. Perhaps the single greatest benefit to riding the indoor home trainer is that you can control the exact conditions of your training. Training indoors gives you greater control pver your training.

Complete Guide to Home Training for Cyclists

This 2nd edition has been totally rewritten and updated with our current indoor cycle training techniques for the home trainer. Includes training with power, new workouts and training programs. The indoor trainer, used properly is one of the fastest ways to improve your performance on the bike.

Bicycle Maintenance Video Course

Want to quickly learn how to fix your bike from a professional mechanic in the comfort of your own home or while you are on the run? We have teamed up with Peter a professional bicycle mechanic who has over 20 years of experience. Peter is a Level 3 ATA qualified mechanic. We have put together eleven easy to follow bicycle maintenance videos…

High Performance Training Course

Is 90% of the training that you’re doing right now on the bike a waste of time? The problem is that finding out what you are doing wrong and what you have to do to fix it could take you years of trial an error. Have you got that sort of time? Life is short and you want results now.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

A depository of excellent articles on nutrition and hydration to help you ride better.

Cycle Racing Tips

Want to understand how to get ahead in racing? These articles cover the fundamentals of racing tactics.