001 – Crit LAT Ergo – Indoor Cycle Training DVD for Criterium riders

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Product Description

Welcome to Cycling-Inform’s cycling Crit Lat Ergo indoor training workout session.

This is the next step in helping you become a killer criterium rider.  

This very demanding indoor cycle training workout session that we have developed to replicate the LAT demands in criterium racing.

Building on your strength created earlier in your season this workout focuses on enabling good LAT tolerance while dumping huge VO2MAX power into the pedals.

This is not only a great workout for racing cyclists it’s also a fantastic workout for recreation riders that want to develop more speed and… it’s an ideal replacement training session on rainy days.

Remember. For this session it’s very important to pace yourself for these efforts! And… to focus on your leg speed while working on developing good powerful pedal strokes when doing all these intervals.

Effort intensity – Five Stars – Very Hard
Time – 60 mins
Format – Physical DVD

Additional Information

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