12 Week Remote Cycle Coaching with Weekly Hookups

$547.00 every 12 weeks

Product Description

I recently competed in the first race of the Cervelo series in Sydney. Average speed was the best it has ever been. Did the whole race, except the little hill in the big chain ring which is amazing for me and I have to thank David for the help he has given me in the last 12 months.” – Lynne McGregor

“I have noticed a big improvement in max speed of my standing starts, I hit 62.3 km/h this morning, up from 52.9 last week. I am also watching my power and each sprint had my power over 1000 W where as last week only 1/2 had power over 1000W. I am also finding big improvements when I ride with the bunch ride in tour of the suburbs, coming close to some KOM’s” – Lloyd Killmore

What is Cycling-Inform’s remote cycle coaching program?

Want great results even when you don’t have a lot of time to train? Cycling-Infom’s Remote Coaching Program is the modern way of delivering customised cycle coaching that is targeted to your personal cycling goals and designed to fit around your busy family and work commitments. We can coach you anywhere in the world. We use the latest in Heart Rate and Power training techniques.

You are assigned you very own Cycling Australia Certified cycling coach who will provide you with your customised cycling program and will hook-up with you weekly via phone, e-mail or video conferencing to review your cycle progress and manage your training.

This coaching program is ideal if you are looking at maximising your precious training time.

You get a customised 12 week program uniquely tailored to your specific training requirements. Once the 12 weeks are up you have the option to renew and roll the coaching over for as long as you want in 12 week blocks.

Who can benefit from this cycle coaching program?

  • A recreational cyclist training for a specific challenge like an overseas cycling holiday with a tour operator, or a basic goal like weight management or general fitness
  • A racing cyclist wanting to improve their racing results or train towards specific cycling event or goal.
  • A tri-athlete or ironman athlete wanting to improve the cycling leg.
  • A mountain bike cyclist wanting to improve their fitness.

What you need:

  • A e-mail address and home computer
  • A bike and home trainer or wind trainer or access to a gym spin bicycle (optional)
  • Simple hand weights (optional)
  • A heart rate monitor bicycle computer or power meter that you can download the data from (optional)

100% money back guarantee

We are so sure you’ll see an improvement within four weeks that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We have been providing professional cycling coaching services to cyclists all around the world since 2007. In that time we have yet to see one single cyclist that has not seen an improvement. Whether you are a recreational, racing cyclist, triathlete or Ironman you’ll see an improvement in your cycling performance. So much so that we guarantee that you’ll get an improvement if you follow the program for at least four weeks. If you don’t have any improvement then we’ll give you your money back in full.

12 Week Program: Customised and Reviewed Weekly
Supplied Training Material: 12 week custom written program reviewed weekly, access to unlimited relevant functional strength training and indoor training workout videos
How quickly will I see results: 2 Weeks
Training with Power or Heart Rate: check-mark
On Road Workouts: check-mark
Indoor Training Workouts: check-mark
Core Strength Workouts: check-mark
Stretching Exercises: check-mark
Personal Coach: check-mark
E-mails to Coach Per Week: Unlimited
Nutritional Planning: check-mark
Goal Planning: check-mark
Video Conference or Phone Training Hook-ups: Weekly
Cycling Data Analysis and Review: Weekly
Riding technique advice: check-mark
Race craft, tactics and strategy: check-mark
One-On-One Power Threshold Test, Bike Fitting, Seasonal Planner, Core Strength and Pedal Stroke Analysis Session: Optional – Come and vist us at our training centre in Mansfield, VIC. Please click here to contact us for further details

Frequently asked questions

Do I get an individual program?
We write you an individual program every four weeks for the duration of your program. We structure your program around your family and work commitments with an emphasis on efficient time saving training to ensure you maximise the time you spend on the bike.

Do you get a personal coach?
You get to select from our list of available cycling coaches.

Do I get regular contact with my coach?
This is at your discretion. You are able to send quick e-mails and text messages to your coach during the 12 weeks. You are also able to have a regular hook-up via phone with them every week up to a maximum duration of 30 minutes (call frequency and duration is negotiated with your coach). These hook-ups provide a chance for your coach to review your data, adjust your program if required, give advice on your training and answer any questions that you may have.

What training Material do you provide?
You will be supplied 3 x functional strength training videos and any relevant indoor training videos and PDF workouts as part of the package.

Do I get assistance with my goals?
We help you set your goals and we review them during the duration of your coaching program.

Do I get advice on what events and races to ride during the year?
Your coach will work with you on your season planning and ensure that it’s incorporated in to your program. It’s also reviewed by your coach regularly during the time that you are on the coaching program.

Do you review my cycling data?
We review your cycling, power and heart rate data at your regular hook-ups. We can review Polar, SRM, PowerTap and Garmin files.

Do I get advice on my riding technique?
We provide you with advice on your riding technique and your daily exercises at your regular hook-ups.

Do I get advice on race craft, tactics and strategy?
We provide advice leading up to your races as well as debriefing you after races in your regular hook-ups.

I’m planning to do a recreational ride. Will I get advice on how to ride it, how to pace myself and what to do to prepare for it?
Riding recreational events is not just about the training. We cover off all the other important things leading up to the event. These might include proper nutritional and hydration on the day, clothing selection and a pacing plan based on your ability.

Do you help me with my nutrition?
We provide advice on nutrition and review this at your regular hook-ups. We cover in ride and race nutrition as well as daily nutrition advice.

Can I renew? Does it only last for 12 weeks?
We offer a 12 week, 6 month and 12 month program. Most people renew after their initial coaching period has been completed. Some have been on the program for several years. This is especially important if you have a full year of racing.

Can I lose weight on this program?
If it is one of your goals and you follow the program there is a very high chance of you losing weight.

How quickly will I see results?
Most people on the program report improvements within the first four weeks.

I don’t have a lot of time to train. Is the program making good use of the time that I do have available?
There will be no junk km’s in your program. We use the latest in high performance training techniques to ensure that you maximise your training time and get results fast.

Do you train using power and heart rate zones?
All our daily scheduled training sessions are detailed and based on specific heart rate or power zones and specific cadences.

I don’t live in Melbourne, Australia. Will this cycling program work for me?
We have successfully coached cyclists from all around the world. Our remote coahcing program will work for you regardless of where you train and race in the world.

What results have you achieved from coaching cyclists on this program?
We have successfully coached cyclists to win World Championships, Australian Masters Cycling Championships and State Masters Championships as well as many medals at these events. We have also help cyclists achieve great results in recreational events around the world including Audax events, local and international recreational rides and Gran Fondos.

What cyclists do you coach?
We mainly coach racing, recreational and mountain bike cyclists.

What certification do your coaches have?
All our coaches are trained and accredited by the Cycling Australia National Coaching Program under the Australian National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).