Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer + 3 Peaks 6 disk Training Package

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Product Description

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer
plus the Exclusive Bicycle Network Victoria 3 PEAKS Challenge 6-DISK Training Package

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Critics love it. Riders adore it. Join the pack on the world’s best fluid trainer. Quiet. Smooth. And completely leakproof. It’s the most realistic ride out there. Tested and rated the best by the Cycling press and loved by riders, no wonder it’s the official bicycle trainer for the USA Cycling Team. It’s quiet, smooth, leak-proof, and offers possibly the most accurate simulation of outdoor riding. Powertap calibrated, the fluid trainer automatically adjusts resistance as the rider changes speed. Whether you are sprinting on an interval or out for a Sunday cruise, the resistance is true to the road.

The Kinetic Road Machine was designed not to leak. Unlike other fluid trainers, the Kinetic has eliminated the drive shaft and all the seals that could fail with extended use. The Kinetic Road Machine has a completely sealed fluid chamber that utilizes a patented magnetic coupler to spin the impeller inside the fluid chamber. Utilizing thermodynamic liquid silicon provides consistent resistance at all temperatures. Unlike other fluid trainers, the Kinetic Road Machine fluid will not lose viscosity and the resistance will not get easier when the fluid heats up. With 80 external cooling fins with intercooler, the Kinetic Road Machine operating temperature is the lowest known in the industry.

To top it off, the Road Machine is mounted on the best frame money can buy. The robotically welded trapezoidal base covers more area than any other trainer in the industry, giving the rider unmatched stability and strength. Its patented quick release attachment accommodates 99% of OEM skewers and there are parts available to make it compatible with all track, BMX, and even SRAM hubs. The legs are adjustable to three positions so the user can lower or raise the rear tire to accommodate tires and bikes of all sizes. The resistance unit and the legs fold close to the frame for easy storage. Non-marring PVC feet absorb irregularities in the floor and a softer plastic is used on the adjustment knobs so they will not break if dropped.

You’ll wonder what you did without it.  From sprints to intervals to an all-day cruise, the powertap calibration gives you the truest simulation of an outdoor ride. Automatic resistance adjustments as you change speeds. It’s the trainer you’ve been waiting for.

  • 2.85 kg flywheel for realistic coast down
  • Powertap calibrated resistance unit
  • Thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance fluid
  • Consistent resistance at multiple temperatures
  • Lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer
  • Smooth, quiet resistance from 5-3000 watts
  • Approved for tandem use
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • Large 6cm roller reduces tire wear
  • Crash replacement policy for a lifetime of use
  • Compatible with all bikes with 16″ – 29″ diameter wheels including 700c wheels and track bikes!
  • Includes Kurt Kinetic Quick Release Skewer

The key benefits that are entirely unique to the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine are:

  • Completely sealed, seamless fluid resistance unit that cannot leak (patented)
  • Neodyium magnetic virtual drive shaft for seamless, non-mechanical coupling to submerged resistance unit. No seals or gaskets to fail.
  • Can withstand sudden accelerations of 0 mph to 50 mph repeatedly without failure, far more load than a cyclist could ever generate.
  • 80 cooling vanes molded onto the resistance housing maintain a safe, moderate temperature of the resistance housing even at highest speeds. It’s impossible to burn yourself on the trainer on the trainer housing.
  • Heat resistant, thermodynamically neutral silicone resistance bath does not change density since fluid temperature does not increase.
  • Resistance level remains stable throughout workout; it does not become easier as the trainer is ridden longer since it doesn’t overheat.
  • Variable resistance unit increases resistance at the same rate as resistance accumulates outdoors: The unit is calibrated using a power meter to verify authentic accumulation of resistance. The road feel is nearly identical to riding outdoors. You ride harder, it gets harder.
  • Trainer frame is constructed using automated techniques to insure perfectly level stance. Vinyl compensator pads automatically accommodate uneven floors for a level ride.
  • The Kurt Kinetic frame has a wider and deeper tripod surface area than any other trainer currently available, making it the most stable.
  • Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainers accommodate all popular wheel sizes.
  • The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine bike mounting system will outlast every other indoor trainer mounting system by years.
  • Quiet operation
  • Best road feel
  • Largest roller of all trainers on the market to reduce tyre wear
  • Largest footprint of all trainers on the market today to provide superior stability
  • Strongest base for solid riding
  • 3000 watts of resistance so you’ll never max it out
  • Genuine product sourced directly from the Australian importer

We recommend that you also purchase the Kurt Riser Ring to go with this trainer.

Only available to people living in Australia
Kinetic is proud to now offer a no-nonsense UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY .
We stand behind our products like no one else in the industry.

• Covers ALL parts on both the resistance unit and the frame.
• Is applicable for normal wear and tear OR manufacturers defects.
• Covers the original owner of a Kinetic trainer for a LIFETIME.

Most of our competitors fill their Lifetime Warranties with legal jargon that make the definition of “Lifetime” meaningless, using disclaimers like “does not apply to parts that have been worn out through normal use”. We unconditionally guarantee to the original owner, a lifetime of parts on the frame AND the resistance unit. At Kinetic we are so proud of our superior products that we don’t need legal jargon or fine print. That means you will be happy that you bought Kinetic products.

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We courier these trainers to you using STAR TRACK EXPRESS. We are unable to courier to PO boxes.
We deliver to work or home addresses – there MUST be someone at the delivery address that can sign for the goods from the courier on first delivery.

Additional Information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 590 x 2300 x 580 cm