Do you have an unattractive scratch in the paint of your favorite bicycle? Or perhaps a giant ding on the grill that sits on the back porch that you’re so proud of? You may be surprised to find out that what’s damaged is not actually paint, but rather something called powder coating.

Numerous metal product manufacturers use powder coat now instead of paint because it offers more bang for your dollar, is lighter weight, and is friendlier to the environment because it is more easily recycled. Automobiles, bicycles, trailers, grills, and many other industries use powder coat.

How exactly is powder coat made? First, the surface of the object to be coated is carefully cleansed of oil, soil, grease, and so forth. This can be achieved using chemical treatments or physical treatments like sandblasting. The powder coating is then sprayed onto metal objects using an electrostatic gun. Finally, the object is baked for durability and long-term wear.

Now that you know what powder coating is, here’s how you can repair that ugly ding on your bike… Firstly, you can always take it to a powder coating professional; just perform a simple Google search for an expert near your hometown. I would suggest this method of repair for larger, more complicated projects, but keep in mind it is also the most expensive.

Another viable method for medium-sized damaged areas is to use quality urethane auto paint like Concept to seal your work. This costs less, but sometimes it can be difficult to perfectly match colors.

You can also pick up a can of paint used specifically for car touch-ups; check your local auto parts dealer or any store that has an automotive department for a good deal. This method is less expensive than the previous two, and it works perfectly for small damaged areas like scratches that are smaller in size than AU 10c or a US quarter. The main drawback to this method is similar to the issue with urethane… it can be hard to precisely match shades of color.

Finally, the most readily available and economically viable method of all is to simply use nail polish. It’s cheap and available in a wide array of colors, so it’s pretty easy to find a close match.

You must always properly prepare the damaged area for repairs, regardless of the method you choose. Always remember to remove dirt and corrosion before you do anything else. You’ll save dollars and peace of mind knowing that you were able to fix your very own item!