It’s all about how you can get motivated and keep motivated with your training and it’s your last key.

Video Transcript

All right. Measuring success. Why do we want to measure success? Why is it important to get this sorted out before we start training? By measuring success it provides feedback on progress and improvement and improves motivation. When I talked about the training program we started chunking stuff down into smaller goals. Once you’re achieving those goals, that’s great. You’re seeing results. I’m achieving these goals. I’m happy. My training’s going really well. I’m not feeling wrecked. I’m not feeling fatigued. I’m feeling a bit tired. Training load’s good. All right? Once we start measuring that success it provided feedback on our progress. That’s really good for motivation. If you find that you’re not motivated or you’re having issues with your motivation, then, I would recommend that you look at ways in which you can work at your goal. Then, start working towards it and start measuring it. Then, you can see that success.

There’s plenty of ways that we can measure success on the bike. In the olden days, we used to heart rate. We used to use time on the bike, kilometers ridden. Now, there’s power available to us. We can measure vertical meters climbed. Strava segments are great. People love Strava. It gives us a good indication of whether we’re going up hills faster or along flat sections of road in our Strava segments. I prefer longer Strava segments than shorter Strava segments. I’m totally amazed you ride through a course and suddenly you pick up 10,000 Strava segments. Most of them are a poof-teenth of nothing long. Make sure it’s a decent segment. It means something. It’s not somebody sprint up some driveway somewhere or down to the traffic lights or whatever. It’s something that’s meaningful. All right. Now, I’m going to talk about how we get fit. Overload. We’re really getting into the meat of some of the training techniques that we use in our training programs and the philosophies behind them. I hope you’re going to enjoy this one. There’s going to be great slides to get through.