This next video is all about building an awesome base, the foundation for which everything to do with your cycling performance is built from.

Video Transcript

All right, so this is how we structure our training programs at our training. I’ll go through each of these three steps, base, strength and speed. There’s a lot of training programs out there. Remember I talked about you know, you get stuff off the internet or you get a training program and it addresses one, usually addresses one area of this, not all of them, or you know, you get a training tip from a magazine and it talks about doing a particular interval session or whatever and it just addresses a tiny component of what we put together in our training programs.

I’ll go through this methodology with you, so base, strength and speed. Now, aerobic base, now you see the big heart there because it’s all about cardiovascular fitness. Base is important, can’t stress how much base is important. It’s important to develop your cardiovascular fitness. Now if you’re a track sprinter, if you’re riding for events that don’t last very long at all, you know, we’re talking about minutes, then aerobic fitness isn’t as important, but if you’re out there doing big recreational events, or you’re going to be riding in Europe or you’re doing road racing or you’re doing criterium racing, you certainly need to develop a degree of cardiovascular fitness.

I talk about it building the engine. The aerobic base is what builds the engine and I’ll talk a little bit about that later on. It helps with all aspects of your riding, all aspects, and it’s an important foundation. The other thing is that it helps with injury later on. If you get your body accustomed to riding and doing base training and easing yourself into your training, then it reduces the chance of injury later on. It’s really hugely missing from high-intensity training programs, and I’ll cover that off a little bit later on. It’s totally required for endurance events.

If you’re doing a high-intensity training session, or lots of high-intensity training sessions in your training, then you’re doing an endurance event that lasts three or four hours, then obviously that high intensity training is going to only help you for a small percentage of that, so you need the base to be able to back up. The great thing about aerobic base training is that it’s developed slowly, it’s also lost slowly, so it means that what base training you do last year builds on the base training that you can work on this year. It also means that base training that you do last month helps you with the base training you’re doing this month.

It’s great, it’s really, really good and that’s important to understand. Strength and conditioning, now I touched on this a little bit earlier on, with people being desk bound and creating function.