Your Aerobic Base is the foundation on which all your cycling performance is built on. Regardless of whether it’s hill climbing, recreational events or building up for the road racing season new scientific research proves that your aerobic base fitness is paramount to your success as a cyclists in all endurance based cycling events lasting more than 30 minutes.

Stop wasting your time doing ineffective training and start riding faster sooner, with our optimized aerobic base builder training program.

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    We have been working with cyclists and training them since 2007. They have the same challenges as you in having to juggle their training around their family and work commitments. They have demanded a super lean and time-efficient training program that gets results fast, so we have spent thousands and thousands of hours doing the research, trying out stuff and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. With all this experience, we have designed this super lean and efficient Aerobic Base Building cycling training program for you.

    Whatever level you are riding at right now, you can take advantage of all this learning,  giving you hours of previously wasted training time back so you can spend it with your family and friends instead.


    You get two comprehensive 12-week training programs, a beginner one and a more advanced one for a total of 24 weeks of training. The 12-week programs include detailed day-by-day exercises that cover off the cadence, intensity (using either heart rate or power) and the distance of the ride so there is no guess work. You decide if you want to train with either heart rate or power as our program covers both.


    With so many of our cyclists now being deskbound in the office, it was important that we developed a strength training video series designed to help you to quickly start producing more power on the bike. A year to develop, this program has been tuned by professional cyclists racing at state, national and international level competition. No other strength training program comes close to its depth. It’s designed so you can train at home without the need to join an expensive gym or pay for one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.

    Missing from most training programs, it’s these super-effective “secret” core strength and conditioning workouts that underpin our Aerobic Base Training program and take the guess work out of your off the bike strength training.

    Replace smash fest sessions on your home trainer that are are a bad attempt to “quick fix” poor, unstructured training with quality progressive build indoor training session that are sustainable

    Doing aerobic base training is important. We are big fans of it here at Cycling-Inform. It’s the foundation on which everything else you do with your training is built upon. But there’s a downside… Aerobic base training trains you to ride slow. So that’s were interval training comes in. Interval training helps you take advantage of your base training and turns you from a slow plodder into a high-performance racing machine.

    Smash fest sessions on your home trainer are a bad attempt to “quick fix” poor, unstructured training

    High Intensity Training Intervals or HIT sessions sound like a great idea. You whack yourself over for an hour thinking that this super hard, super intense training is somehow doing you good. We would be crazy to say that these HIT efforts don’t give you a lift. That is true. We use them in our programs to great effectiveness. BUT…

    Anyone that understands periodised training properly knows that HIT sessions need to be specific to the riding you are doing and need be done once you have built your base and strength to truly maximise their effectiveness. They are like the icing on the top of the cake. Getting it wrong only makes them end up being more like a short term solution for a long term problem, just like crash dieting is for weight loss. Sure, you get results, but they are only temporary and that’s not going to help you when you get out there on longer rides and need sustained power for hours. But the problems with HIT sessions gets even WORSE…

    If you haven’t done the foundation work first, these HIT sessions make you super tired lulling you into a false sense of security of thinking that because you are tired from “training hard” you will get better for it. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Doing them too early and too often means that you are unable to back up your next session properly. HIT sessions done at the wrong time in your program put you behind and rob you of weeks of good quality training. That’s not all. Doing HIT sessions really hard teaches you to ride “sloppy” with poor form, because, that’s what you need to do when you are riding beyond your ability in a naive effort of hunting for some meaningless “personal best” in your living room. Save your personal bests for when you are out on the road, where it really matters.

    With so many of our cyclists now being desk bound in the office it was important that we helped them develop a strong core quickly so they could produce good power on the bike. As Matt Brindle says, “You can only develop as much power as you can stabilise.” This is why it was so important to get our athletes up to speed with their core strength. This is the missing key in many other programs. As we were coaching our athletes remotely we needed a video course that enabled us to train them up correctly as if Matt Brindle was in the room with them. That’s why we spent so much time getting it right.

    We teach you how to deliver good quality, efficient and stable power to the pedals

    We totally believe that home training sessions are the time for you to work on your technique. You want to use the limited amount of time that you have to train on your indoor trainer constructively. Good pedalling technique enables you to develop great quality power that you can deliver efficiently to the bike while under load. Not only do you become more efficient, you also become stronger too by taking advantage of the Matt Brindle functional strength training you are doing off the bike. Our interval training session are done at the right time and are specific to helping improve your aerobic strength and power on the bike. The power you develop is enduring and will carry you longer up a hill, into a head wind and further in a fast-moving cycling bunch.

    This is the way you make it look easy while you ride away from your fellow riders and deliver that final psychological blow to their confidence as you do.



    Actual client data showing improvement in pedalling efficiency

    “These two images show a dramatic change in my pedalling technique. The first one is about 5 weeks ago and the second is last week. I’ve managed to transfer this technique across to my bike, both on the trainer and out on the road. I’ve increased my watts/kg by 0.5. Along with this I’ve pushed the indoor training workouts. Concentrating on technique and recovery has increased my average speed on the road over 70km by nearly 3km/hr. I’m really starting to enjoy my cycling.” – Martin Bennie, comments on his pedalling improvement using our training program


    What people have been saying about our training programs

    I’m amazed at how much better I feel on the bike. More importantly though it has now crystallized all the information that Cycling Inform has provided. I can now directly correlate pedalling technique, riding position AND core strength as interwoven facets of good cycling. Keep up the good work.
    Martin, Cycling-Inform Client
    I’ve enjoyed the program very much. Riding at a cadence around 100 was new to me and took a while to get used to, but I feel it’s improved my riding considerably.
    Steve, Cycling-Inform Client
    I was very happy with the training program, I definitely increased my speed and I thought the Matt Brindle strength training was very helpful. I’ve had bad ITB issues in the past (which have required two long bouts of physio) but even though I increased my cycling volume massively I didn’t have any injury issues. I’m planning to continue doing the trainer sessions and the strength training as I seek to get fitter.
    Paul, Cycling-Inform Client
    Thanks for all your help. The 12-week training program and various tips on the website along the way were very valuable tools in helping me achieve what I feel to be a good result… (I certain have not gotten tired of telling people about it.)
    Paris, Cycling-Inform Client
    I followed your regular training program to pretty much the kilometer… The training videos certainly made a noticeable improvement in my performance. Thanks!! The training was very intensive, however it was quite manageable.
    Anthony, Cycling-Inform Client
    This is the first time that I have followed a structured training program and ride plan and I actually found this both enjoyable and beneficial. Thanks for your assistance … this certainly helped with the unknown and ensured that I was able to set a suitable pace to see the ride through from start to finish.
    James, Cycling-Inform Client


    Take the guess work out of yor training and start getting results.

    You are purchasing the electronic version so you can download and start using it straight away.

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    We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. We’re so sure that you’ll get results that we offer you a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You will get an entire 30 days to give our training a try. We’re here to support you.
    If you try our training and it does not work, just let us know. We’ll happily give you all your money back and you get to keep the program.