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Just like your heart rate monitor and your power meter, your indoor home trainer is a fundamental tool to help you improve your cycling fitness.

The home trainer is a crucial piece of equipment to help you get the best out of yourself while saving you a lot of unnecessary training time. The indoor home trainer is fantastic at:

Building your aerobic base and strength

Doing recovery sessions

Putting the edge on your training

Enhancing your fitness

Combined with off the bike strength training and endurance rides out on the road, the home trainer plays a vital part in helping you enhance your fitness and takes your riding to a whole new level.

But some of the questions that you may have on your mind might be “how do I get the best out of my home trainer”, or “what sort of intervals are the best for me to maximise my training time?”

Today, a newly release edition of the Cycling-Inform’s Guide to Home Training eBook has arrived – which includes 147 pages on training advice and over 74 indoor training sessions that cover low-intensity preparation sessions all the way through to high-intensity VO2MAX boosting and FTP building sessions. 

Do you want to make a significant breakthrough with your cycling performance?

The home trainer is a crucial piece of equipment to help you get the best out of yourself while saving you a lot of unnecessary training time.

Learn how to use your home trainer so you: 

Develop specific pedalling techniques

Stop being spat out of the back of fast-moving bunches

Stop being dropped on hills

Stop being unable to respond to attacks

Stop being dropped in crosswinds while riding in the gutter

Improve your road racing, time trialling and increase your average speed on Gran Fondos and recreational cycling events and take your riding to a whole new level.

Enhance your off-season or winter training:

Learn how to keep the weight off and maintain or even improve your fitness when the weather is too bad to go outdoors or during the winter months.

You’ll be able to hit the summer season as a much stronger, slimmer and fitter cyclist.

How would you like to: 

Develop a hugely powerful aerobic base on which to build your season

Develop and increase your power output on the bike for all races and conditions

Develop your ability to sprint and to sprint further

Be able to climb more powerfully and effectively

Smash your time trial personal bests

Win bike races, bunch sprints and Gran Fondos!

Enjoy the benefits of home training right in your living room:

It’s safe

It’s warm

It’s measurable

It saves you a heap of time while getting the same or better results

No matter what level you are racing or riding at, or what shape you’re in right now, you’re about to get a lot faster and have a lot more power than you ever have thought possible.

While riding on the road is important and enjoyable. Cycling home trainer sessions, if performed correctly, will unlock your hidden power and speed faster than almost any other training you can do on the road.

If you are limited to the amount of time you can train or find the weather is interrupting your training schedule then the home trainer is the best way to keep yourself fit.

This is how…

It’s All Covered Off In This eBook:

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What People Are Saying About Our Training

Just a quick note to share results from the Driveway virtual crit last night (Thurs, 16/Apr)…huge improvement. Saw +10W PRs at both 10min and 20min. Got into a big group early, and was able to stay with them. Still had enough left at the end to sprint to the finish, my best finish since week one.

Pat Kelly, Texas, USA

I was pleased with my result – qualifying for the UCI master (at the Amy’s Gran Fondo), coming 4th in my age group. At the end of the ride I still felt quite fresh, even though the course was 10 km longer this year.

Greg Berry, VIC, Australia

I live in Dubai and needed a good training programme based on the turbo trainer, due to the excessive summer heat, and also the lack of hills.  I followed the training programme the best I could and certainly enjoyed the variety.  The mixture of sessions suited me and clearly worked as I felt strong throughout all the climbs.  Basing the training on a turbo trainer it is difficult to gauge how you will feel riding outdoors, but I can honestly say the concept of your workouts really does work.  Focusing on off the bike strength work 1-2 times a week also showed me I should incorporate this into my weekly schedule as a matter of routine.
I honestly believe that without the training programme I would not have completed the Mont Ventoux Cingles Challenge.  It is clear that the programme improved my overall cycling strength and ability to climb whilst living in an area without hills.  I learnt how to measure progress and also the use of TSS in planning for the next training session.  Key to all of this was the variety and the programme was well structured as the training never got repetitive.  Thank you David, and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to other cyclists who are either looking for improvement or planning to do certain events/challenges – you have it all covered. Kind regards, Michael.

Michael Mould , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I can feel I’m getting stronger – equaled my best 20min and 5min Zwift effort last weekend.

Gareth Morgan, VIC, Australia

I have struggled to even finish in my A grade races for a couple of years now. But yesterday not only did I finish ok but just missed out on a podium finish It’s my best position in A grade :). I haven’t seen this kind of improvement since the start of racing again 6 years ago. Thank you David, your coaching programs really do work.

Mike Scully, QLD, Australia

Set a new 2 new FTP records so far which has been great and even more motivation to push on.

Rob Lake , SA, Australia

Hi David, Training has been going really well. The people I’ve been training with have been really impressed with my improvement. Thanks for the training plan, Hannah.

Hannah Reid, VIC, Australia

I really enjoy your intervals workouts!! Seeing huge improvements. I also dropped 24 pounds.

Dan Hughes, Wyoming, USA

What’s The Value Of Cycling-Inform’s Guide To Home Training?

Well, you’ve just seen it from my clients.

Not only have some of my clients made massive inroads with their cycling with the advice provided in this eBook but more importantly, they have:

Improved their confidence on the bike.

Been able to build on their training during their off-season and when the weather has been bad.

Improved their cycling performance by specifically targeting their weaknesses.

Developed a powerful pedalling technique so that they produce more power, more efficiently and for longer with less fatigue.

Go on to do greater things with their riding. 

You love your cycling, so here is your chance to really excel at it with while keeping your training super time-efficient and effective.

There’s nothing better than being so “bike-fit” that you don’t have to worry about your fitness out on the road. Start enjoying riding up hills, into headwinds and in fast-moving bunches effortlessly.  

You’ve spent thousands on your bike, your clothing and bike equipment. You might even have a power meter and a smart trainer. Now’s the time to find out how to maximise the use of these tools and get a massive return on your investment.

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For less than the cost of two new inner tubes, you can:

Improve your FTP.

Start riding faster at events, races and your local bunch rides.

Have less fatigue, more power and endurance.

Climb hills faster. 

Sprint Faster.

Manage bunch surges.

Train more efficiently and effectively.

Improve your cycling weaknesses.

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David has been a full-time professional international cycling coach for the last twelve years and has helped thousands of recreational riders and state, national and world champions worldwide achieve their own personal cycling goals. He has devoted his life to transformation and helping others improve their health and wellbeing through cycling.

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