“Cyclists benefit from a strong core and back, a stable pelvis and proper body alignment. ” – Coach David Heatley

Pilates for Cyclists with Coach Marcus Speed

Instructional Video Masterclass Series
Pilates for cyclists.

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Training to improve your cycling does not necessarily equate to more time in the saddle. Pilates can dramatically assist your athletic performance and offers the perfect training complement to your cycling, whether your focus is fitness based, competitive or for technical development. Our Pilates for Cyclist Masterclass video series delivers workouts that feel more like a personal training session.

Unlike cycling, Pilates is a whole-body workout, focusing on strength, mobility, endurance, body alignment and breath control. It offers physical and mental fitness and can help reverse some of the problems that cycling can create. Each video has been scientifically designed by Pilates Instructor and cycling coach Marcus Speed to ensure safe and considered movements sequenced in a particular way to give you the results you want, fast!

We work your body on all planes of movement – sitting, lying, facedown and standing – so that the muscles are worked from many different directions, producing a uniform and very deep strength and tone, even without using heavy weights.

Strong legs and lungs are not the only things needed for a fast ride. A cyclist will benefit from a strong core and back, a stable pelvis and proper body alignment.

Among the main rewards of cross training with Pilates are greater effectiveness of the pedal stroke, improved balance, more efficient recovery of leg muscles, better endurance through focused breathing, and correction of muscle imbalances.

Pilates also provides a great active recovery session helping to shift toxins and improve your weekly performance.

What You Get Instant Access To

Introducing your personal pilates coach Marcus Speed who will guide you through the whole instructional video training masterclass. 

Who Will These Pilates Exercises Work For?

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What our clients are saying about our training…

“I can feel the strength in my legs continuing to improve in being able to maintain the cadence levels and overall speed.”

Micheal Southwell

“I’m amazed at how much better I feel on the bike. I can now directly correlate pedalling technique, riding position AND core strength as interwoven facets of good cycling. Keep up the good work.”

Martin Bennie

“I cannot say enough about how much this has changed the way I ride and my capabilities. Another 40 sec off my 1:20 hill climb personal best. Feel great!”

Peter Wirth

What’s The Value Of Cycling-Inform’s
Pilates Masterclass?

Well, you’ve just seen it from my clients.

Not only have some of my clients made massive inroads with their cycling with the advice provided in this masterclass but more importantly, they have:

Improved their confidence on the bike.

Been able to build on their training during their off-season and when the weather has been bad.

Improved their cycling performance by specifically targeting their weaknesses.

Developed a powerful pedalling technique so that they produce more power, more efficiently and for longer with less fatigue.

Go on to do greater things with their riding. 

You love your cycling, so here is your chance to really excel at it with while keeping your training super time-efficient and effective.

There’s nothing better than being so “bike-fit” that you don’t have to worry about your fitness out on the road. Start enjoying riding up hills, into headwinds and in fast-moving bunches effortlessly.  

You’ve spent thousands on your bike, your clothing and bike equipment. You might even have a power meter and a smart trainer. Now’s the time to find out how to maximise the use of these tools and get a massive return on your investment.

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For less than the cost of dinner our with your family, you can:

Improve your FTP.

Start riding faster at events, races and your local bunch rides.

Have less fatigue, more power and endurance.

Climb hills faster. 

Sprint faster.

Manage bunch surges.

Train more efficiently and effectively.

Improve your cycling weaknesses.

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David Heatley is the founding director of Cycling-Inform and has been a full-time professional international cycling coach for the last twelve years. He has helped thousands of recreational riders and state, national and world champions worldwide achieve their own personal cycling goals. He has devoted his life to transformation and helping others improve their health and wellbeing through cycling.

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