Nigel Peebles’s Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Ride Report



Hi again.

I watched my post-race interview which reinforced to me how hard I found it. Your training regime was spot on. I, however, was unable to complete it as well as I would have liked. Due to family and work commitments. But in saying that I was really happy to complete the event in a reasonable time’ without ever feeling too stressed.

The video evidence may suggest otherwise but I was feeling pretty comfortable and well within my comfort zone around the course. Back of falls was tough but again I never felt I wouldn’t make it actually felt quite confident going up there based on your training ie I had done the hill training I could do the hills.

If I was going to do it again I would sign up with you in an instant. The advice on nutrition was very helpful. I have hunger bonked on other rides so carried a bit extra around the course.

The hardest part for me was not being able to get into a group until picked up by the bicycle network 12-hour group just before Omeo, then also by them after Anglers Rest just before WTF corner.

I did find a few people to chat with which definitely helps the time go by, but never it seemed for long. Also, some people it seemed weren’t very interested in a friendly. I was riding with Craig Barlow up Hotham for a while. I recognised him on the video interviews. So well done Craig nice to chat to you.

Once again thanking you David and the Inform Cycling Team. I wish you all well in your future ventures. Thanks to Spike for the pre-ride and briefing sorry to hear your ride was not your best. No video of the other two on that ride with Spike, Chris and Rodger I think hope they did ok.

Good Luck.

regards and thanks,

Nigel Peebles.