Peter Rankin’s Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Ride Report

Hi David.

So ……

I didn’t do it all to the letter as you prescribed. Wish I had!

However the tips, the programs & definitely the encouragement of others in the tribe were gold!
A few words of encouragement from others at low times and tips from yourself including not to linger at the breaks all contributed to my achievement.

Thank you!

And at 57 and after losing 11kgs I finished!
12 hrs 41 mins 48 secs ! See attached.
I still cant believe I did this!
The single biggest and most difficult combined physical / mental achievement of my life.

But ….

My biggest thanks go to my mate Simon.
He in the spirit of the event came back for the 3rd time (sub 10 last year) just to drag me around. Words of advice, a wheel always and a never say never attitude saw me over the line.

Even carried my bike for a bit as I cramped and walked / tried to stretch up the back of Falls!
True mate. Anzac like I tell you!

And then the finish line. Euphoric relatively speaking.

I could go on and I always thought I would leave your tutelage after the event. But I am in for longer and focusing on what is next with your support and with the support of the tribe.


Peter Rankin

Active Advisory Pty Ltd