It’s been a while since the last RaceRight Camp but after some searching on a location we decided to run our September camp in Kyneton. Kyneton gave us access to some great courses and was inspired from the Northern Combine cycle races that are run in the same area. The location and accommodation is critical for a camp like this. We need conference rooms, access to good roads that we can use for time trial, hill climbing, hill sprints and sprinting drills all located close to where we are staying.

All of our riding was done within a 17 km radius of our accommodation. One of the important things of the RaceRight Camp is to provide the participants with time saving training tips. Having all our training close by teaches them how they supplement their local terrain to get good quality training rather than doing their normal longer rides. With fine sunny weather being forecast for the weekend Jodie and I drove up on the Friday afternoon and picked up the last of the supplies at the local Kyneton butcher and supermarket before settling into our accommodation.

The camp was mainly made up with interstaters. Daniel, Abbey and Kevin all travelled from Adelaide while Michael came in from Sydney. John was the only rider representing Victoria and he is from Gippsland way. We keep the numbers low to ensure that people get a lot of individual attention.

The camp is specifically for racing cyclists. Over the weekend we teach them the key fundamentals in all the major aspects of cycle racing and training. Its a weekend of showing them what works and what is a waste of time. Everyone is busy these days so when our participants leave the camp its our intent that they have the knowledge to know how to focus their limited time to get the best results in their training and racing.

After the BBQ on Friday night we covered off goal setting. While most people already know how to do this we know from experience that the clearer the goals are and the more focused the cyclists is on them, the better the results they achieve. We then talked about how to break these goals down to smaller milestones to order to achive the end goal. Just one of the simple but very powerful tips we pass on in the camp. Then we handed out the powertap wheels to everyone as they ride on power for the whole camp.

First thing Saturday we did a power threshold test on the Kurt Kinetic trainers. Within the hour we had profiled everyone and worked out their personal strengths and weakness.DSC_6868_s
Threshold power testing on the first day

Threshold power testing is not easy and Abbey gave it her all

We then did a session on Functional Strength training followed by a session on the road which we covered off how to use the local terrain to train for hill climbing, sprinting and time trialing. These are the three components that make up road racing.

Hill Sprints on one of the local roads

After lunch and a shower we met in the conference room and went through how to train smart and save time using high performance training techniques. I talked about how we structured up training programs based on the information that I have gained though our very successful remote coaching program. Then we covered off nutrition and my favourite subject, ‘race tactics’.

I then had a one on one session with each person and went through their power data analysis and provided them with insight into their strengths and weaknesses, what they needed to work on and how to do it. I also covered off what type of races would suit them and my observations of their riding technique and anything else that I thought would be of value to them to help them with their cycling. It was a big day and we finished up around 7pm just in time to go off to have dinner in town.

Sunday we went straight into the indoor training session. Id spent all night dreaming up a good hours long high intensity session and so that morning I ran them through a range of efforts based on some of the indoor cycle training session that I give people on the remote coaching program and that we do down at BikePark.

Quick change of clothes and we were back on the road working through race tactical move drills based on the information that was covered off on Saturday. Everyone really enjoyed this and had a great time doing simulated racing scenarios. One of the things we teach in the RaceRight Camp is how to control the race without anyone realising it and using it to your advantage. This is a great skill and you dont have to be the strongest rider to do it, just understand how to race smart. After the drills Jodie and I went through some body maintenance with mobilises and stretching and then it was time for a quick shower and lunch.

How to finish a race. Daniel, Michael and Kevin getting stuck into the sprint session.

Debriefing after the sprint sessions – On road coaching with our support car driven by Jodie

After doing months of training its important to ensure that you get to the start of the race fully prepared. After lunch Jodie presented on the logistics around race preparation and addressed the key points to getting to the start line without any hitches.

Jodie presenting on race preparation

Then it was time to do the final rap up and presentations.

I really enjoyed the camp. Its always great to work with motivated people and we had a great bunch of riders on this camp.