Get Your 023 – Strength Endurance with Lift Indoor Training Video

  • Zero Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Type: Speed Building  Duration: 55 Mins
Time Trial efforts to build strength for improving average speed on longer rides. Ideal for building good aerobic capacity, improving plasma volume, increasing mitochondrial enzymes, increasing V02MAX and converting type IIb muscle fibres to type IIa. This workout is a very efficient use of your training time. This workout also include a over threshold lift at the end of each effort to improve the quality of this workout and make it ideal for all cyclists wanting to improve their speed. Effort intensity – Five Stars – Very Hard

This is one of our best speed racer building indoor training videos.

It covers core strength, seated power development and aerobic ability.

Download the video, put it on a big TV and start riding faster.

What People Are Saying

I’m amazed at how much better I feel on the bike. I can now directly correlate pedalling technique, riding position AND core strength as interwoven facets of good cycling. Keep up the good work.
Martin Bennie, Cycling-Inform Client
I cannot say enough about how much this has changed the way I ride and my capabilities. Another 40 sec off my 1:20 hill climb personal best.
Peter Wirth, Cycling-Inform Client

Proven to Get Results

Based on over seven years of development and testing with 100’s of our clients and our work with the Charter Mason National Road Series Team. This indoor training video has been optimized to ensure that you get the best result quickly and start riding faster sooner.

Get Your 023 – Strength Endurance with Lift Indoor Training Video

  • Zero Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ZERO RISK 100% Money Back

    We’re so sure that you’ll get results that we offer you a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You will get an entire 30 days to give this Hill Climber indoor session a try. If you try it and it does not work, just let us know within 30 days. We’ll give you a full refund and you still get to keep it.

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