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What this Step-by-Step Training Program will teach you…
How To Spend Less Time Training and More Time Getting Personal Bests at your Next Gran Fondo & Century Rides!
The 7 Most Important Tips:

  • An ultra-simple to follow 12 week training plan
  • The smart way to find the time to train
  • What cadences are the most efficient on the flat and in the hills
  • How to build your fitness without overtraining
  • How to use your heart rate monitor to train in the most efficient zones
  • Simple nutrition advice that will help you become “bonk-proof”
  • Three riding tips to help you have an awesome day at the event

About The Author

David Heatley has twelve years of international coaching experience and has helped cyclists from all around the world achieve their cycling goals. He has successfully coached UCI world, national and state champions as well as club level racing cyclists and serious recreational riders.

David has created a unique cycling training system that simplifies the development of the three core aspects of cycle training: BASE, STRENGTH and SPEED. It’s this system that has allowed his athletes to achieve real breakthroughs with their cycling performance with the limited time they have available to train.

He is an active cyclist and has devoted his life to helping to inspire cyclists to keep an active and fit life.

What cyclists are saying about our training

10 minutes off my Ventoux climb time from 3 years ago. 2 best Gran Fondo performances ever

Christopher Geiser, CA, USA

The people I’ve been training with have been really impressed with my improvement. Thanks for the training plan, Hannah.

Hannah Reid, VIC, Australia

Race performances are improving. I’ve moved myself up a grade in masters racing.

Martin Houston, VIC, Australia

I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to other cyclists who are either looking for improvement or planning to do certain events/challenges – you have it all covered.

Michael Mould , Dubai, United Arab Emirates