Influencer and client referral kickback affiliate program

If you like our products and services here’s how to get paid to refer and promote us. We are always seeking influencers as well as past and present clients to help refer new clients to us. Fill out the form below to be set up as an influencer affiliate partner and you’ll get a percentage of the income that we generate from your referrals, for life!

We work best with Influencers who actively create video or blog content for audiences that would be interested in Cycling-Inform’s products and services but we’ll consider anyone that’s interested in actively promoting our business.

Remember to select the ‘Influencer Affiliate Program’ checkbox in the form below as we have a few more questions for you to answer.

Corporate, charity or fundraising event partnership

If you are managing a corporate, charity or fundraising event and want to provide your participants with a training plan this package is for you.

We offer a 12 week customised training plan specifically for your event. This includes a paper-based training plan, plus two video hook-ups opportunities with Coach David Heatley for only $1,200. The video hook-ups area great opportunity for the participants to talk to a coach to ask those burning questions and ease their concerns. They can be scheduled to cover specific content that you specify to us like bunch riding skills, nutrition, preparing for an event plus open to questions from participants.

Alternately your participants can join Cycling-Inform members area for an additional $127.00 per 12 weeks and the event-specific training plan can be delivered through Training Peaks which also gives them access to the related indoor training videos and off the bike functional strength training videos.

Large cycling event partnership

We have successfully partnered with many large cycling events over the years.

We can provide:

  • A high-level training program specifically for your event
  • Training advice articles and that you can include with your regular emails and publish on your website
  • Training webinars covering course, nutrition, training, preparation and what to do on the day
  • Promotion of your event on our social media channels and emails newsletter list

Cycling product or service promotion

We have also successfully partnered with several companies that deliver cycling services or products.

  • We can promote your brand to our social media channels and newsletter list
  • Have your products available at our training camps

Contact us to discuss your opportunity further by completing the form below