If You’re a Cyclist That Wants to Have Your Best Ever Ride at Your Next Major Race, Cycling Event, or Overseas Cycling Tour…

Then here’s your invite to work with me to get leaner, fitter and faster sooner with your very own personalised training program and coaching support. Post more PB’s and be fully prepared for and have the best ride at your next major cycling race or event without wasting a heap of time on ineffective training.

How I’ll Work with You When You Sign Up

I’ll analyse your previous cycling data and build your training program in Training Peaks from scratch around your busy schedule and upcoming events.

You’ll build, taper and peak at the right time. I’ll also take into account your training preferences. You may prefer to train with a home trainer during the week or have a weekly group ride that’s important to you. All this is taken into account when putting together your unique and exclusive customised training program, delivered to you through Training Peaks.

Then I’ll review your progress and adjust the program based on your feedback and the data reported in Training Peaks to ensure that your training is optimised. 

And if you like training on training platforms, the custom training program I build for you will be compatible with training platforms like Zwift, BKool, FulGaz, Rouvy, and TrainerRoad, as well as all standard and smart trainers and Garmin and Wahoo bike computers!

Because you have your unique strengths and weaknesses and cycling goals, it makes sense that a tailored training program will help give you the best performance improvements with the limited time you have to train.


What Included In The Customised Training Packages:

Your Unique Customised Training Program

Because you have your unique strengths and weaknesses and cycling goals, it makes sense that a tailored training program will give you the best performance improvements with the limited time you have to train.

I build your training program from scratch to fit your busy schedule and upcoming events. You’ll build, taper, and peak at the right time.

I also take into account your training preferences.

You may prefer to train with a home trainer during the week or have a weekly group ride that’s important to you.

All this is considered when creating your unique and exclusive customised training program.

Delivered to you through Training Peaks. The great thing about Training Peaks is that you don’t need a paid Training Peaks account to do this.

Indoor Cycling Training Videos

Time-efficient indoor training video workouts teach you how to improve your pedalling technique while developing your aerobic fitness, cycling strength, and speed. I provide detailed training files for all our indoor training sessions (through Training Peaks), so you can do them on Zwift, TrainerRoad, your Garmin, or Wahoo Element. My indoor training will work for you, regardless of your training platform, standard, or smart trainer. My indoor training sessions can be taken out on the road with my detailed training files that work with your Garmin or Wahoo bike computer.


Off-The-Bike Strength Training Videos

You can only generate as much power as you can stabilise. That’s why it’s so important that you do strength training. These super-effective “secret” core strength and conditioning workouts underpin our training programs and take the guesswork out of your ‘off the bike’ strength training. A total of 15 minutes, three times a week, is all you need to get a stronger cycling core. This can help you pull hard turns on the front of your bunch, climb faster and sprint even harder. No other strength training program comes close to its depth. No expensive gym equipment, membership, or personal trainer is needed. You can do all of these exercises in the comfort of your own home.


Unlimited Email Support

You get unlimited email support for 12 weeks with your unique custom program. I’ll provide feedback, review your data and modify your training program in Training Peaks depending on your training load and available time to train. All you have to do is send us an email asking for your feedback.


Your Cycling Data Analysed in Training Peaks

Life never quite goes to plan, so I include program tuning as part of this service. Let me know how you are doing as you work through the program. I’ll update it to account for unexpected things happening in your life. And… remember, you don’t need a paid Training Peaks account to do this.

How Will This Help You?

Invest in Yourself and Maximise the Limited Time You Have for Training, Get Better Results Sooner and Post a Personnel Best at Your Next Major Event.

Testimonials* What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Training

David I could not be more than happy with the way my training is going. After two weeks I could feel the strength in climbing hills. I am now up to week six, which included having a week off to complete the Festive 500 challenge. I am now riding better to cadence, HR and Power levels than ever before and able to consciously able to maintain this more often in a session and on the big chain ring. Then in the weekend rides, I’m able to maintain these levels when going on the flat or up hills, and riding over the top of the hills regardless of the length or steepness of the hills.

Michael Southwell

First of all, I’d like to extend my thanks to you both for the training program that you developed for me over the last 6 months. It was such a relief throughout the Simpson Desert Race that the training that I had completed made the world of difference for me feeling extremely confident and comfortable on the bike. I was exceptionally happy with my race results, 7th overall out of a field of 24 riders with a stage win (the night stage!) and 100% completion of the race. I think I set a new threshold heart rate for the night stage too, that notification came up when I came back into coverage, I did work very hard to create a gap and hold it until the end, I lead pretty much from the start to finish. I finished the whole race in 29 hours and 17 minutes. There were some exceptionally strong riders in the field, including the eventual winner, Peter, who is on his way to the world 6-hour time trial championships in California in November.

Daniel McGuire

Thank you so very much for allowing me to do your coaching program. This is my 4th Peaks Challenge and finally managed to get my sub 10 jersey with your coaching. All my previous training regime were not really structured with the mentality of ‘go-hard or go home’. Your custom program and living a busy life and running a business meant that it was relatively simple for me – ‘just follow the program, trust in the process and it will give me the results’. The hardest thing for me was containing my go hard mentality in the recovery weeks and eventually realising, that letting my body rest and recover was when I really gained the benefits. The ability to mix the indoor sessions and the outdoor, really gave me the ability to hone-in on some of the techniques for efficiencies and things like the standing drills gave me the mental & physical power to handle the demons up WTF. The off the bike workouts were a pain at the beginning and initially questioned ‘why and what for’ but after 4-6 weeks you could really feel the benefits on the core and flexibility and by the time I reached phase 2 exercises, I longed to do more! The ability to just email Jodie to change the workout if I missed a session meant that I knew you both had my back and although the data was a little overwhelming at first, by the later half of the program, I was posting on Strava my IF and TSS all the time and was constantly watching the trends on Training Peaks. Thanks again for your customer service and coaching program, without it I would not have achieved my Peaks Challenge Goal, highly recommended.

Stanley Havea

“After one month of training with you via your Amy’s Rider plan, I’m already appreciably faster up hills than I was just two months ago. Yesterday morning I beat my previous Norton Summit personal record by 89 seconds. Thanks for that!”

Ben Tait

“I’m amazed at how much better I feel on the bike. I can now directly correlate pedalling technique, riding position AND core strength as interwoven facets of good cycling. Keep up the good work.”

Martin Bennie

“I can feel the strength in my legs continuing to improve and being able to maintain the cadence levels and overall speed.”

Micheal Southwell

“I cannot say enough about how much this has changed the way I ride and my capabilities. Another 40 sec off my 1:20 hill climb personal best. Feel great!”

Peter Wirth

I’m definitely improving each week. Never thought I would achieve so much in such a short period! Thank you so much for your program and support along the way!

Brooke Vass

Had a fantastic ride at the Vermont Overland gravel race. The course was the most challenging I have ever ridden. This was the strongest performance I have had this year (which means ever!) My goal was to start strong, and have fuel in the tank to ride strong at the end. Goal accomplished! At about 72km, I dialled it up on the climbs and gained about 10 minutes on the folks I had been riding with all race. It was one of those moments where I just knew I had the legs and they were all cooked. That I could maintain effort/recovery cycles over the remaining terrain, at 3.5 hours in. It really felt great to climb past a whole bunch of riders in the last 25km. For the first time, I felt great at the finish. The training plan just worked. At the age of 56, with less than about 2 years of serious endurance cycling, I finished in the top 3rd of the men. It was a real improvement over Rasputitsa that I did in April. Overland was a harder course and I was able to push out significantly higher NP on the final climbs. And compared to my first gravel race in August, it was like night and day.

Simon Horsburgh

Frequently Asked Questions

It will vary depending on your riding level and the amount of time you have to train. Most of my clients see an FTP improvement of 20 to 50 watts over six months. All of my clients see a noticeable improvement within four weeks of starting, regardless of whether they are just starting out or a regular or seasoned rider.

Because our methodology is based on core fundamental cycle training that gets results, the technology I use doesn’t change the way I train you, only the way I measure your performance. You can use a cadence meter and perceived effort, a heart rate monitor or a power meter. It’s your choice. My training will work with them all.

You just need a cadence meter on your bike, an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

No. I understand that you are unique and have your own personal training preferences. I keep it flexible so you can choose whether you want to train just on a home trainer or just out on the road or a blend of the two. Hate indoor trainers or don’t have one? Don’t worry, you can take all your indoor training sessions out on the road with our detailed timing sheets and training files that work with your Garmin or Wahoo bike computers while you’re outdoors.

No, you don’t. While we interface to these platforms and all smart trainers, you don’t need them to start. We have recorded videos for all the indoor training sessions so you can ride along to them on a standard trainer.

Yes. Training programs are delivered to you via a free Training Peaks account.

You don’t need a paid Training Peaks account. I create your customised training program in your Training Peaks account and can analyse your data with a free Training Peaks account. Full information on getting set up is provided when you sign up, and it’s a simple two-step process.

The strength training can be done at home with basic equipment.


I’m the founding director of Cycling-Inform and have been a full-time professional international cycling coach since 2007. I have helped thousands of recreational riders and state, national, and world champions worldwide achieve their own personal cycling goals. I have devoted over a decade to helping cyclists improve their health, performance and well-being through cycling.

Customer Support

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