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Testimonials* What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Training

“I’m amazed at how much better I feel on the bike. I can now directly correlate pedalling technique, riding position AND core strength as interwoven facets of good cycling. Keep up the good work.”

Martin Bennie

“I can feel the strength in my legs continuing to improve and being able to maintain the cadence levels and overall speed.”

Micheal Southwell

“I cannot say enough about how much this has changed the way I ride and my capabilities. Another 40 sec off my 1:20 hill climb personal best. Feel great!”

Peter Wirth


I’m the founding director of Cycling-Inform and have been a full-time professional international cycling coach since 2007. I have helped thousands of recreational riders and state, national, and world champions worldwide achieve their own personal cycling goals. I have devoted over a decade to helping cyclists improve their health, performance and well-being through cycling.

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