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“Dump Your Excess Body Weight, Reclaim Your Youthful Leaner Athletic Body and Keep Your Weight From Spiralling Out Of Control As You Get Older…”

Experience the freedom of a leaner you that will have you accelerating quicker and climbing faster so you can go on and do greater things with your riding, without feeling trapped or limited by your weight.

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Essential training knowledge for every cyclist wanting to lose weight

What You Will Discover On This Free Training Web Class:

Become a Leaner Cyclist

About Your Coach

Coach David Heatley – One of Australia’s Leading Cycle Coaches. 

Coach David Heatley is an International Cycling Coach that helps the busy cyclist quickly get awesome results and greater satisfaction with their cycling through proven time-saving training programs and coaching support.

He has worked with hundred’s of cyclists at state, national, international level as well as recreational riders training for cycling events around the world.

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