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Interview with Ken Murley – Triple World Triathlon Champion in the 70-74 Age Group

In this interview with Ken Murley he talks about his recent rare triple win at the World Triathlon … [Read More...]


Cycling-Inform Social Ride Sydney – Saturday 8 Nov 2014

You are invited to join us on our Sydney social ride and coffee. … [Read More...]


Matt Brindle Functional Strength Interview – Part One – Introduction to Functional Strength Training

In this video Matt Brindle our functional strength coach discusses the evolution of Functional … [Read More...]


Cycling Heart Rate Zones Explained- How To Use Heart Rate Monitor And Zones To Improve Your Cycling

Cycling Heart Rate Zones Explained: If you do a search on heart rate zones, you'll get a large … [Read More...]


Is Racing The Best Form Of Cycle Training?

There is a saying that "racing is the best form of training". While this is true in a lot of cases … [Read More...]

How-To-Ride-At-103 percent-Of-Your-Max-Heart-Rate-ii

How To Ride At 103% Of Your Max Heart Rate

This article discusses an interesting phenomenon that I have observed personally and in my research … [Read More...]

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