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Cycle Coaching Services by Cycling-Inform

Cycle coaching, online & remote cycle coaching & cycling training programs that get results in less than 4 weeks – guaranteed or your money back.

Operating since 2007 and with over 16,000 members we are the biggest & one of the most successful road cycle coaching companies in Australia.

We provide services for recreational riders and club, state or masters world level racing cyclists.

We know that your time is precious with family and work commitments. That is why we have specialised in developing super-efficient training programs and cycle coaching services that have helped 100′s of cyclists get their best results quickly without having to spend hours and hours on the bike every week.

We guarantee our delivery of high quality cycling coaching services. If you don’t start seeing results quickly then we will refund your money.

“I want to give you some feedback on your 3 Peaks Program I signed up to a while back. With a little bit of base fitness, I signed up for the 3 Peaks in November to give myself something to work towards. After a few weeks of the program, I could see a significant improvement in my cycling fitness and now, two and a half weeks out from the event, I feel ready for the event. I am in the middle of the final big week of the program before the tapering phase and the strength and endurance I now feel on the bike is excellent compared to where I was in November.” – Ronan Creedon

Self Managed Cycle Training Programs Customised Cycle Training Programs Remote Cycle Coaching with Regular Hookups
12 Week Program: Standard Customised You cycle coaching is customised and Reviewed Weekly
Supplied Training Material: 12 week standard cycle coaching program, 3 x functional strength training videos and 3 x indoor training videos 12 week custom written cycle coaching program, 3 x functional strength training videos and 3 x indoor training workout videos that are relevant to your training 12 week custom written cycle coaching program reviewed weekly, access to unlimited relevant functional strength training and indoor training workout videos
How quickly will I see results: 2 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Training with Power or Heart Rate: check-mark check-mark check-mark
On Road Workouts: check-mark check-mark check-mark
Indoor Training Workouts: check-mark check-mark check-mark
Core Strength Workouts: check-mark check-mark check-mark
Stretching Exercises: check-mark check-mark check-mark
Personal Coach: x check-mark check-mark
E-mails to Coach Per Week: x 1 Per Week Unlimited
Nutritional Planning: x check-mark check-mark
Goal Planning: x check-mark check-mark
Video Conference or Phone Training Hook-ups: x x Weekly
Cycling Data Analysis and Review: x x Weekly
Riding technique advice: x x check-mark
Race craft, tactics and strategy: x x check-mark
Premium Member’s Area Access x x check-mark
One-On-One Power Threshold Test, Bike Fitting, Seasonal Planner, Core Strength and Pedal Stroke Analysis Session: x Optional – Come and visit us at our training centre in Mansfield, VIC.
Please click here to contact us for further details
Optional – Come and visit us at our training centre in Mansfield, VIC. Please click here to contact us for further details
Start Up Fee: No start up fee No start up fee No Start up fee
Price: From $129 $349 $547 every 12 weeks
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Other Services

Altitude Training for Cyclists Cycling Threshold Power and HR Zone Testing Cycling-Inform One-On-One Cycling Coaching Session Cycling-Inform Bicycle Fitting, Core Strength and Pedal Stroke Analysis Session
The benefits of altitude training have been well publicised for years now and for a long time it has been out of reach of the elite and recreational athlete. Now, it’s become affordable. Cycling Inform offers altitude protocol testing and altitude training workouts for cyclists from our high performance cycling training centre in Mansfield, VIC. Want to know your lactate threshold power, power zones and heart rate zones? Get it tested and start training in your correct zones. Come down to our high performance cycling training centre in Mansfield, VIC. Full report given. By appointment only. We provide one-on-one customised cycle training sessions on an indoor trainer at our cycling studio. By appointment. Call 0410-331-793 to book or pre purchase online. Bike fitting service using Cycling Australia and the Australian Institute of Sports fitting. We also perform a full core strength test and evaluate your pedalling technique and stroke. At the end of the session we will provide you with recommendations and exercises you can do to improve your cycling efficiency. Pre-purchase or purchase as a gift for a friend. By appointment only, located in Mansfield, VIC.
$360 for Eight Sessions $135 $135 $375
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