Time Trialing requires a combination of Strength Endurance and Lactate Threshold Training. In this article I discuss the type of workouts required to improve your time trial.

Strength Endurance Effort For Your Time Trial Training Program

To start your time trial training program ride a four to six weeks block of base training at E2 @ 100 rpm building to 150-350 km per week (depending on your event, grade and fitness). Combined with this training you want to also do strength endurance efforts of 2-5 mins reps in a big gear low cadence around 60-70 rpm either up hills or into headwinds seated in your E3 zone. It’s important to not go out too hard initially and to build up strength gradually over the 4-6 week period. Watch your knees while doing strength endurance training! You want to slowly build strength in your tendons and muscles over time. If you don’t you will cause yourself an injury!

If you have a good base and strength endurance then you can skip this first part and go onto the Lactate Threshold Training.

Lactate Threshold Training For Your Time Trial Training Program

The next part of your time trial training program is to ride the next four to six-week block after your base block focused on riding at your LTR (Lactate Threshold Rate). Do two of these efforts described below a week with one strength endurance effort described above.

This is hard training but very rewarding. Ideally best done on a wind/home trainer or ergo.

  • Perform a warm-up for 10 mins @ your E1 @ 100 rpm then increase the gear and ride at your E2 @ 100 rpm for another 10 mins.
  • Then increase the gear and ride at the low end of E3 @ 100 rpm for 5 mins finishing the last 30s to 1 min going flat out.
  • Recover for 5 mins @ 100 rpm in your REC zone.
  • This is the end of your warm-up then put it in a bigger gear and ride at your LTR for 5 mins on then REC zone for 5 mins.
  • Do two sets of these. The idea is to build the duration and reps up to the expected time of your TT event.
  • Cool down is 10 mins in your REC zone @ 100 rpm.

Plus off the bike Functional Strength Training two to three times a week- Matt Brindle Power-Up Functional Strength Training is available in our Online training centre.

When you go to race, perform the same warm-up as you have done in the training above. Make sure that you time it so that you arrive at the start line within five mins after you have completed your warm-up.

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