When you were a kid, you rode your bike everywhere you went, didn’t you? But for far too many adults today, biking seems to be as obsolete as landlines and Blockbuster. Let this not be the case for you and find that lost inspiration to get you back in the saddle!

Whether you’re into mountain biking, road cycling, or commuting on a city bike to your work, you should know biking has never been safer, you are reducing your carbon print and helping the environment while saving for your other hobbies, and if you’re thinking about going better then getting a coach will certainly help you get there quicker. !

Better Health

It’s no secret that any exercise is good for your overall health. Cycling, specifically, is not only a practical workout but also acts as a mode of transportation making it easy to fit into your schedule. It uses all major muscle groups and is fantastic for your cardiovascular system.

A Danish study found that over a period of 14 years, 30,000 people aged 20-93, were protected from heart disease because of regular cycling. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that concluded that “those with a higher fitness level as they approached middle age were at a lower risk for lung and colorectal cancer.” Bike your way to better health today!

Helps the Environment

With talks of climate change and global warming, you may be thinking about what you can do to help the environment. Bicycling is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. Driving a car daily can emit around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas.

In fact, a study found that if 5% of New Yorkers biked to work instead of taking a private car or taxi, 150 million pounds of CO2 emissions could be saved per year! That’s about the same amount that could be reduced by planting a forest 1.3 times the size of Manhattan. You can do your small part, convince others to do their small part and suddenly it becomes a positive global impact.

Bike Safety

A national survey claims that 53 percent of American adults answered yes when asked if they wanted to bike more. So why aren’t we seeing more adults biking? There appears to be a high level of concern over safety. Biking infrastructure in the United States is not as developed as that of, say, China but that is being remedied. Certain cities like Salt Lake City, New York, and San Francisco are doing their part to expand biking lanes, create protected intersections, even installing bike racks on city buses for intermodal transportation. Check with your city for current bike laws and lobby for more protection if safety is an issue.

Cycle Coaching Available

Hire a cycle coach to help hone your strengths and improve your weaknesses. They will train you in proper posture and technical. A coach will also provide emotional and psychological support to reach your goals.

There aren’t many studies done on statistics for cycle coaching, but if you understand that every sport requires a coach, then this just makes sense for improving your performance and skill. To help you choose a knowledgeable coach and program, click here for information.

Economic Impact

While bike commuting may not immediately make you a millionaire, cycling statistics show there are definite cost benefits associated with riding a bike instead of driving your car. This article claims biking can save you around $5,000 a year in gas, vehicle wear and tear, and routine maintenance. The startup cost of biking could be more if you don’t already have a bicycle, but over the years, the return you get is not just related to your lack of car use. You could save on a gym membership and doctor visits as well as your health improves with regular exercise.

Safety in Numbers

Simply put, the more people who ride their bikes, the safer it becomes. You would think that with more bicycle riders comes more crashes, fatalities and injuries, but the opposite is true. Public health researcher, Peter Jacobsen, found a direct correlation between ridership and bike crashes. His findings support “more riders, fewer crashes; fewer riders, more crashes.” Supporting data for the Safety In Numbers theory continues to trickle in from all over the world, so grab a friend, get on your bike and enjoy a safer ride.


You may not be able to part with your precious car every day of the week, and that’s understandable. However, with all the benefits and cycling statistics, it would be well worth it to at least start with one day a week. You must be warned though, cycling can cause major confidence and performance improvement, so make sure you prepare yourself for feeling awesome.

About the author: Amanda Wilks is a consistent guest blogger and an ardent MTB-er. She pours every drop of passion for the outdoors in her bike reviews for Mountain Bike Reviewed. Do kindly check her work out! For other samples of her writing go on Twitter @AmandaWilks01