When a client comes to us looking for answers as to why they aren’t performing, the first thing we do is look at their training history.

While in many cases they are training hard and following some defined structure, much of what they have chosen to do is not actually helping them progress and in some cases it’s hindering them, or making them go backwards. It doesn’t matter whether they are trying to keep up with their cycling buddies on their weekend rides or aiming to set a world record; it’s not about training harder, or training more…

It’s about doing the right type of training at the right time which will specifically help them get better. They forget that what they do off the bike is just as important too.

The right type of recovery, body maintenance, stretching and of course, specific strength training designed for endurance cyclists. It’s not that they weren’t passionate or dedicated enough. The reason why they weren’t able to do it in the first place is that they simply didn’t have the experience and knowledge to figure it out alone.

It goes back to the old saying about “expecting different results from doing the same thing”… It doesn’t take much to change what they are doing and to see a big improvement quickly, regardless of whether they are a beginner or a veteran, seasoned rider.

That’s something that we as a company have been doing (and doing really well) since 2007.

Cycling Coach David Heatley – Founder and Director of Cycling-Inform