Without wasting a heap of time on ineffective training so that you can post more PB’s, start dropping everyone you’re riding with (even on climbs), and have the best ride at your next event using our unique training methodology that you won’t see elsewhere.

You’re getting access to choose from over 60+ of our very best training programs, our exclusive off-the-bike strength training videos, unlimited email access to me as your cycling coach and a whole lot of really cool bonuses that will help you with your cycling.



  • Yearly plan with no locked in contract
  • 60+ pre-built training programs to choose from
  • Exclusive indoor training videos that go with your training program
  • Four bonus ebooks to help you with your training
  • Off the bike strength training video program
  • Unlimited email support during your active subscription
  • Training program loaded into your Training Peaks account
  • Compatible with Zwift and TrainerRoad, as well as Garmin and Wahoo bike computers
  • Start riding faster with your limited time while being assisted by our coaches via email




We help you climb better and have you riding faster in 30 days or less so you can be your best at your next bunch ride, recreational event or race.


Training needs to not only be efficient but effective as well. We make sure that you are placed on the training program that’s right for you so you aren’t wasting your time doing ineffective training that’s not helping you improve your overall FTP.

Octavia from Sweden got this improvement with his FTP within 12 weeks

Stefan from WA, Australia saw these personal best improvements pop up on his Training Peaks account in just two weeks


“Power to weight ratio” or as it’s sometimes referred to as a rider’s “watts per kilogram” is critical to your climbing success. We help you improve your power output so that you get dramatic improvements with your hill climbing times.

An example of an improvement of 5 minutes and 33 seconds on an 8.43 km climb

Starting with an FTP of 200 watts and a climbing time of  32 minutes and 58 seconds.  

Same rider but an increased FTP of 250 watts, gives a climbing time of 27 minutes and 23 seconds.

I rode my “fitness test” hill (14km @ 400M elevation) last week in my fastest time in the last 4 years….so progress is being made.

Anthony Brown, VIC, Australia

Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you. My goal this year was to break 12 mins in climbing Mt. Coot-tha in Brisbane. I started the year at 14:50 mins and no matter what I did, I could not get much better than that. I joined up to your training plan in June and at that time was down to 14:39mins. I started with the HillClimber I program and immediately saw the results. I completed that 12 weeks and then went into Hill climber II. Each week my times up the hill were getting faster and I was feeling a lot stronger. I am now on week 11 on Hill climber II and I not only reached the 12 min goal, but I also reached a personal best of 11:50mins. I am now looking to see if I can crack 11 mins! Thank you for your great programs. All the best, Mark.

Mark Karhula, QLD, Australia

10 minutes off my Ventoux climb time from 3 years ago. 2 best Gran Fondo performances ever on back to back Sundays. Excited to keep going!

Christopher Geiser, CA, USA


Cycling is just like swimming – it’s all about developing an efficient technique. You power the bike a pedal stroke at a time. Right? We help you improve the efficiency and amount of power that you are able to produce which will make a huge difference to your cycling performance.

Pedalling efficiency before

Pedalling efficiency after

Greg from NSW, Australia got this improvement with his pedalling efficiency within 12 weeks.

Hi David, Just watched your hill climbing video and learned why I have aching muscles, because of your “easy” 084 climbing training programs! Appears I had not been engaging my gluteus or locking my core previously so now those muscles are really sore and aching (thus improving). Feel like Karate Kid wondering why I was painting the fence “why am I doing these easy training sessions” ha, now know why. Onwards and upwards. Tony.

Tony Slimmings , Leeds, UK

I have been practicing to pedal in circles which I know I haven’t been doing consistently prior to starting your programme and it’s making a huge difference. I am feeling very happy as my riding has improved already.

Robert Bush, NSW, Australia


If you aren’t getting the results you want, then don’t blame yourself, or your equipment (or lack of it), focus on the training you are doing. It’s the training that you are doing that will determine how well you ride.

When we start talking about doing the right type of training, it sometimes conjures up thoughts of being a demanding process and that you’ll need to spend a heap more time training. But this is just a common misconception among many athletes, including cyclists.

When you start doing the right training, you quickly unlock your true cycling potential. And… the frustration that you had in the past about your performance disappears as everything becomes easier.

Because we have spent the last ten years tuning our training programs specifically for cyclists like you, you’ll find that you’ll use the limited time that you have to train more efficiently so you quickly become more awesome on the bike. So, take a moment to consider the cost of continuing to do the training you are doing, knowing that you could be training much better.

I just want to say thank you for your program. It worked really well for me. With two little kids to deal with and my wife’s business I often find I am time poor and really was only getting the Sunday to train. Having a structured program (as well as a smart trainer) meant I could quite easily follow the program. I was definitely training “smarter” and I was gaining more and more confidence on the roads. I had previously completed PCFC in 2015 with a time of 12 hrs 27 mins. I set a goal to beat PCFC in under 12 hours. I finished in a time of 11 hours 47 mins so was really happy with that. With my result, we can say “your program works”. Thanks – Tony

Tony Moore, VIC, Australia

I have been using a lot of your indoor training sessions every week due to rain, road closures or simply not enough time to get on the road! I love the hill climbing ones you have! I have just signed up for the hill climber two and will complete that and then finish with the touring program leading to when we take off to Europe for the tour in June. So everything is good here, your programs are great, love the indoor training videos!

Eryn Davies, ACT, Australia

The main improvement I am seeing is in my time management. I believe I am getting similar results with less effort which is really nice, this has been achieved by not having to think about what I need to do each ride. Using your weekly schedules is taking a lot of the indecision out of the equation. The information you provide also points out to me the importance of rest.

Warwick Wilson , ACT, Australia

I’m definitely improving each week. Never thought I would achieve so much in such a short period! Thank you so much for your program and support along the way!

Brooke Vass, QLD, Australia


Whatever level you are riding at right now, you can take advantage of our experience, giving you hours of previously wasted training time back as well as quickly getting improvements with your cycling performance. We have over sixty-one discipline and event specific training programs to help you beat your best at your next cycling event. Your training program is delivered to you weekly via your online training centre, or through your Training Peaks account.

Eight weeks in and I see so much improvement. My first race is March 2nd. It a fat tire 25-mile race. Looking to see how much I improved since last year. Thanks for your program and making it affordable to people like me. Dan Hughes.

Dan Hughes , Wyoming, USA

Thanks so much for the program. I have to say – with all the business travel, and holidays etc…I am really proud of how consistent I have been. And it has shown in my outdoor group rides on the weekends. I have been, for the most part, keeping pace with the A group – previously unheard of. THANK YOU!

Christopher Geiser, NY, USA

David, I noticed I had made an improvement in a really short time but what really proved it was my friends also noticed.

Julie Laine, , QLD, Australia


We provide training resources that include indoor training videos to help you with your pedalling efficiency and off-the-bike strength training.


Time efficient indoor training video workouts that teach you how to improve your pedalling technique while also developing your aerobic fitness, cycling strength, and speed.

Loving the workouts so far. What I’ve found is it alternates between hard and easy days with longer rides back to back on weekend so I feel fresher than with my previous training and have plenty in the tank to push the hard efforts. Kind regards, Mike Pagels.

Mike Pagels, WA, Australia


You can only generate as much power as you can stabilize. We have been working with leading strength and conditioning trainers since 2006. Your off the bike strength program has been tuned by professional cyclists racing at state, national and international level competition, as well as recreational riders partaking in events around the globe. No other strength training program comes close to its depth.

Love the Strength training, the mobilisers and the Functional strength exercises as can feel stronger in the back only after a weeks training.

Michael Southwell, NSW, Australia

Holy crap I feel my power building! I’ll do some mobilizers after weights tonight and recover tomorrow. Matt rocks. Love him! Glad to be back!

Shannon Bryant, TX, United States.


International Cycling Coach David Heatley

David has been a full-time professional cycling coach for the last ten years and has helped thousands of recreational riders and state, national and world champions worldwide achieve their own personal cycling goals.

International Cycling Coach Jodie Batchelor

Jodie is a qualified Level II Cycling Australia cycling coach and has medaled at state and national level. Jodie is responsible for writing many of our training programs and is a co-developer of the Leaner Cyclist Program.

I am finding that each time I reflect where I am compared to what I had been doing in the past, I shake my head in disbelief that I hadn’t taken this road sooner.

Ross Sanelli , VIC, Australia

Am now a few weeks in to the Road Race program and had the opportunity to pick up a 3 race license and test myself in my first ever club races this week. Started my week setting a new 20min power PB on my training ride, then raced C grade at the Caulfield Carnegie Anzac Day Classic on Wednesday, followed by the Southern Masters in Drouin on Sunday. Finished comfortably in the bunch at Sandown, then placed 2nd on Sunday. Big week of riding but feeling strong, and the training gave me the confidence to have a crack at the racing.

Peter Grey, VIC, Australia

Hello David, I’m three weeks into the Road Racer II Part Two and had my 1st race for 3 weeks. I’ve had my best result for a long time. So your program, although early days, has given me not only some fitness but more so more confidence in my racing especially when the higher graded cyclists come through. Early day yet but feeling like I’m getting somewhere with structured training. Thanks, Peter

Peter Kiel, VIC, Australia

I must say that I’ve always been drawn back to your site after purchasing a few of your videos and finding them really helpful and noticing some good improvement. It’s easy to see why you’re a very successful coach just in the level of detail you go into, and also your ability to always look at the bigger picture. I think your training programs are uniquely placed to train for the one off iconic Sportives we have in the UK. I’ve always found it so hard to get a really focused training plan to take on these really tough and challenging Sportives and I think that is what draws me to your training plans.

Ken Parsons, Suffolk, United Kingdom


Discipline specific training programs

Program Length Adv hr/wk* Adv km/wk* Adv mi/wk*
Aerobic Base Builder I – Part One 12 weeks 6.5 hr/wk 150 km/wk 93 mi/wk
Aerobic Base Builder I – Part Two 12 weeks 6.5 hr/wk 150 km/wk 93 mi/wk
Aerobic Base Builder II – Part One 12 weeks 8 hr/wk 205 km/wk 127 mi/wk
Aerobic Base Builder II – Part Two 12 weeks 8 hr/wk 205 km/wk 127 mi/wk
Apprentice – Part One 12 weeks 4 hr/wk 70 km/wk 43 mi/wk
Cycling Tourer I – Part One 24 weeks 7 hr/wk 185 km/wk 115 mi/wk
Cycling Tourer II – Part One 12 weeks 11 hr/wk 250 km/wk 155 mi/wk
Cycling Tourer II – Part Two 24 weeks 8.5 hr/wk 225 km/wk 140 mi/wk
Cycling Tourer III – Part One 24 weeks 11 hr/wk 285 km/w 117 mi/wk
Crit Racer I – Part One 12 weeks 5.5 hr/wk 140 km/wk 87 mi/wk
Crit Racer I – Part Two 12 weeks 5.5 hr/wk 150 km/wk 93 mi/wk
Crit Racer II – Part One 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 215 km/w 134 mi/wk
Crit Racer II – Part Two 12 weeks 8.2 hr/wk 205 km/wk 127 mi/wk
Gran Fondo-Sportif 125km 12 weeks 5.5 hr/wk 152 km/wk 93 mi/wk
Gran Fondo-Sportif 135km 24 weeks 8.5 hr/wk 215 km/wk 134 mi/wk
Gran Fondo-Sportif 160 km 24 weeks 9 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
Gran Fondo-Sportif 250 km 24 weeks 11.5 hr/wk 290 km/wk 180 mi/wk
Hill Climber I – Part One 12 weeks 6.5 hr/wk 160 km/wk 99 mi/wk
Hill Climber II – Part One 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
Hill Climber II – Part Two 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
Hill Climber III – Part One 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
Hill Climber III – Part Two 24 weeks 12 hr/wk 275 km/wk 171 mi/wk
Hill Climber III – Part Three 24 weeks 12 hr/wk 275 km/wk 171 mi/wk
Hill Climber IV – Part One 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 197 km/ wk 122 mi/ wk
Mountain Biker II – Part One 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 220 km/wk 137 mi/wk
Mountain Biker II – Part Two 12 weeks 10 hr/wk 225 km/wk 140 mi/wk
Road Racer II – Part One 12 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 275 km/wk 171 mi/wk
Road Racer II – Part Two 12 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 275 km/wk 171 mi/wk
Road Racer II – Part Two 12 weeks 10 hr/wk 275 km/wk 171 mi/wk
The Maintainer Part One 24 weeks 5 hr/wk 130 km/wk 81 mi/wk
The Maintainer Part Two 24 weeks 6 hr/wk 150 km/wk 93 mi/wk
Time Trialer II – Part One 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 215 km/wk 134 mi/wk
Time Trialer II – Part Two 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 215 km/wk 134 mi/wk

Event specific training programs

Event specific programs are 12 and 24 weeks long depending on the event. Ideally, we recommend that you start them soon after they begin, but they can be started as late as six weeks to go if you are a seasoned rider. When you start the program after the start date the program will sync you into the correct week so that you build, peak and taper for the event at the right time.

We are adding programs all the time so if you can’t find your event below then click here to contact us and we’ll add it to our list.

Program Length Adv hr/wk* Adv km/wk* Adv mi/wk*
5 Dams Challenge 24 weeks 10 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
3 Dams Challenge 12 weeks 9 hr/wk 210 km/wk 130 mi/wk
Alpine Classic – 320 km 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 270 km/wk 168 mi/wk
Amy’s GF Qualifier 24 weeks 8 hr/wk 205 km/wk 127 mi/wk
Amy’s GF Rider 24 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 200 km/wk 124 mi/wk
Around the Bay 100 & 135 km 12 weeks 6 hr/wk 130 km/wk 81 mi/wk
Around the Bay 210, 250 & 300 km 24 weeks 8.5 hr/wk 220 km/wk 137 mi/wk
Bowral Challenge Classic 12 weeks 5.5 hr/wk 120 km/wk 74 mi/wk
Bowral Maxi Classic 12 weeks 9 hr/wk 225 km/wk 139 mi/wk
Cadel’s Peoples Ride 12 weeks 7 hr/wk 170 km/wk 106 mi/wk
Fitz’s Challenge 105 km 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 170 km/wk 106 mi/wk
Fitz’s Challenge 165 km 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 220 km/wk 136 mi/wk
Fitz’s Challenge 210 km 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 208 km/wk 129 mi/wk
Fitz’s Challenge 255 km 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 235 km/wk 146 mi/wk
Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride 12 weeks 8.5 hr/wk 210 km/wk 130 mi/wk
Great Ocean & Otway Epic Ride 24 weeks 10 hr/wk 228 km/wk 141 ki/wk
Haute Route Alps 24 weeks 12 hr/wk 265 km/wk 165 mi/wk
Haute Route Dolomites 24 weeks 11 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
Haute Route Pyrenees 24 weeks 12 hr/wk 260 km/wk 162 mi/wk
L’Etape Du Tour France 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
L’Etape UK 24 weeks 9 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
Mallorca 167 km 12 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
Mallorca 255 km 24 weeks 12 hr/wk 265 km/wk 165 mi/wk
Mallorca 312 km 24 weeks 13 hr/wk 285 km/wk 177 mi/wk
Marmotte GF Alps 174 km 24 weeks 11 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
Mudgee Challenge Classic 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 185 km/wk 115 mi/wk
Mudgee Maxi Classic 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 215 km/wk 134 mi/wk
Noosa Challenge Classic 12 weeks 8 hr/wk 195 km/wk 121 mi/wk
Noosa Maxi Classic 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 215 km/wk 134 mi/wk
Orange Challenge 170 km 24 weeks 9 hr/wk 230 km/wk 143 mi/wk
Orange Challenge 70 & 100 km 12 weeks 7.5 hr/wk 190 km/wk 118 mi/wk
Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – Sub 10 24 weeks 10.5 hr/wk 280 km/wk 174 mi/wk
Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – Sub 13 24 weeks 9.2 hr/wk 240 km/wk 149 mi/wk
San Gottardo GF 110 km 12 weeks 9.5 hr/wk 225 km/wk 140 mi/wk
Snowy Challenge Classic 12 weeks 8.5 hr/wk 175 km/wk 109 mi/wk
Snowy Maxi Classic 24 weeks 10 hr/wk 210 km/wk 130 mi/wk
Sunny Coast Century 12 weeks 8 hr/ wk 185 km/wk 115 mi/wk
Tour de Brisbane Gran Fondo 12 weeks 9 hr/ wk 193 km/wk 120 mi/wk
Tour de Brisbane Medio Fondo 12 weeks 7 hr/ wk 135 km/wk 84 mi/wk
Tre Valli Varesine Gran Fondo 12 weeks 9.3 hr/wk 210 km/wk 130 mi/wk
Tre Valli Varesine Medio Fondo 12 weeks 8.4 hr/wk 190 km/wk 118 mi/wk
UCI Gran Fondo World Series – Gran Fondo 24 weeks 8.5 hr/ wk 230 km/ wk 143 mi/wk
UCI Gran Fondo World Series – Medio Fondo 12 weeks 8 hr/ wk 197 km/wk 122 mi/wk
UCI Gran Fondo World Series – TT 24 weeks 5.3 hr/ wk 140 km/ wk 87 mi/wk


What do the different discipline specific training program levels and parts mean?

The program levels are based around your available time to train.

  • Level I programs have an average of six hours a week and vary around five and seven hours a week.
  • Level II programs have an average of eight hours six hours a week and vary around six and ten hours a week.

Some programs also have several parts; part one, two and three. These are designed to be done one after another. Do part one first, then part two.

For example, the Aerobic base builder program has two levels of training and two parts.

  • Aerobic Base Builder I – Part One: is a level I program and this is the first 12 weeks of it.
  • Aerobic Base Builder I – Part Two: is a level I program and this is the second 12 weeks of it.
  • Aerobic Base Builder II – Part One: is a level II program and this is the first 12 weeks of it.
  • Aerobic Base Builder II – Part Two: is a level II program and this is the second 12 weeks of it.

How do I sequence the programs together?

There are many ways to sequence these programs together.

  • If you have around 4-6 hours available to train then you would start on a level I program. If you have between 6-12 hours a week to train then start on a level II program.
  • If you are a beginner or if you want to build your aerobic base then we recommend that you start with an aerobic base builder program first before moving onto the other discipline specific programs.
  • If you have been riding for a while you can skip the aerobic base building program and select your preferred discipline specific program.
  • You can step to a level II program after completing a level I program if you have the available time to train and want to add more volume to your training.
  • You can sequence our discipline specific programs with our event programs. You would do this if you wanted to start your training before an event training program starts. For example, you could do one of the hill climber programs prior to doing the Peaks Challenge Falls Creak Program.
  • If you need help to sequence the programs together then just click here to send us an email and our friendly team can help you out.

About our special programs

  • The maintainer programs are twenty-four weeks long and are designed to help you maintain your fitness over winter or when you don’t have much time to train but still want to maintain your fitness. They are mainly indoor trainer based but make recommendations for out-on-the-road riding when you have the available time and the weather is good.
  • The Apprentice is a special program designed for the novice just starting out.
  • The Gran Fondo programs allow you to put in the event date so that the program builds, tapers and peaks you for the event at the right time.
  • The Leaner Cyclist programs are designed to help you lose weight.
  • The Cycle Tourier Program is designed for multi-day cycling holidays.

If you have any questions about what program to select click here to send us an email and our friendly team can help you out.


This program will work for:

  • Anyone over 18 to well into the senior years
  • Especially important for anyone 40+
  • Women and men
  • Seasoned riders and riders doing four or more hours of training a week
  • Cycling that have tried other training programs before and haven’t gotten the results they wanted

It will vary depending on where you are at with your riding and how much available time you have to train. Most of our clients see an improvement of between 20 to 50 watts over 6 months.

Because our methodology is based on core fundamental cycle training that gets results, the technology we use doesn’t change the way we train you, only the way we measure your performance. You can use a cadence meter and perceived effort, a heart rate monitor or a power meter. It’s your choice. Our training system will work with them all.

You just need a cadence meter on your bike, an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. We have a community using our own private Facebook group. If you want to get access to this you’ll need an active Facebook account. Your training programs are available as PDF documents in your online training centre. If you want to have your program loaded up into TrainingPeaks you’ll need a free Training Peaks account. You don’t need a Training Peaks account to use our programs.

No. We understand that you are unique and have your own personal training preferences. We keep it flexible so you can choose whether you want to train just on a home trainer or just out on the road or a blend of the two. Hate indoor trainers or don’t have one? Don’t worry, you can take all your indoor training sessions out on the road with our detailed timing sheets and training files that work with your Garmin or Wahoo bike computers while you’re outdoors.

No, you don’t. While we interface to these platforms and all smart trainers, you don’t need them to start. We have recorded videos for all the indoor training sessions so you can ride along to them on a standard trainer.

No, you don’t. Training programs can be delivered to you weekly via our online training centre. But if you want your cycling data analysed then we use Training Peaks to do it.

You don’t need a paid Training Peaks account. We can load your program up into your Training Peaks account and analysis your data with a free Training Peaks account. Full information on getting is set up is provided and it’s a simple twostep process.

The strength training can be done at home with basic equipment.

This coaching service provides everything mentioned above but doesn’t include the Leaner Cyclist Program. The Leaner Cyclist Program is a separate product that includes three months of access to our online training centre (which is everything mentioned above), plus, the six Leaner Cyclist core modules (including three specific 12 week Leaner Cyclist training plans), the Leaner Cyclist eating plans and recipes and access to our private Leaner Cyclist Facebook page.

No, the Leaner Cyclist Program is not included in with this coaching membership. If you have a active coaching membership with us you can purchase the Leaner Cyclist as an add-on.

In my opinion….and I have been a member for 4+ years now…..this is the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY site for cyclists. For those like me who are only looking for quality and implementable information this is THE best place to be. Great work David and team! Regards, Sri Rajam

Sri Rajam, Tamil Nadu, India

I received 2 awards from my club on Friday nite; most improved rider and best overall rider 2018. Thanks coach.

Suren Sing, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

I gave it everything I had and came away the state champion [Missouri CX]

Travis Kobush, Missouri, United States

I’ve been a Cycling-Inform member these past few months – the tips, posts, videos etc that you’ve been posting have been great. I’ve been building up off a low base for Peaks Challenge Falls Creek and now feel a whole lot more prepared. I’m in my late 50s so probably an 11hr time is about right for me. The tips you had on descending were super useful – made a big difference immediately.

Daryl Marchant, VIC, Australia

I drove back from Bright yesterday after having completed the 7 Peaks Challenge. I surprised even myself, particularly how strong I felt on Baw Baw, Lake Mountain, Falls and Buffalo. I was stronger than previous years, second best time up Hotham. I bettered Falls by about 4 minutes and smashed my Buffalo time by about 10 minutes. So, thank you for giving me the tools for becoming and continuing to be a leaner cyclist. My next challenge is the Clare Classic.

Geoff Monaghan , SA, Australia

Hi David, 9hrs 46 mins so well happy, my fastest Peaks Challenge Falls Creek time yet, that was number 4 and number 8 for all Peaks challenges! Thanks again for all your help. Guy

Guy Streeter-Smith, NSW, Australia