Danny’s rim failed after several years of hard braking

Here is a picture of Danny’s rim after it failed on a training ride recently. It’s a clear indicator that rims don’t last forever. The reason for this failure is simple. The side of the rims is used for braking. Over the years, the wear on these rims weakens them. Due to the pressure in the tire at some point is kept unchecked, the rim will fail just as this one has. Danny was lucky. Here is what he had to say about the event:

“Exciting ride this morning at about 45 kph bottom of a little dip then BANG … Flap Flap Flap… Tyre half off and tube hanging out as I held a straight line and washed off speed on what was left of the rim. Could have been worse, was going down Overport Rd through the roundabout at 60 kph just before !!”

Rims are now coming out with wear indicators them to show if they are worn past their use by date.

The wear indication on modern rims. Just a small depression in the rim surface. Once it’s not visible then it’s time to replace your rim or wheels.