Garmin Vector 2S Product Review – When you are cycling around with your friends, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re going for it! But it’s a whole different ball game when you’re training yourself to get fit for some event. Maybe you’re doing it to get in shape and focus on your fitness. In either case, you’ll need to measure all your training sessions that you’re putting in.

Such a situation calls for a power meter to sort things out for you. The good thing is you can get your hands on some affordable yet top quality products too! These days the strain gauges in the recent models use cutting edge electronics to assess the microscopic bending that occurs in the metal when you put your pedaling force into them.

One such commendable product is the Garmin Vector 2S power meter! Read on to find out what it has to offer and how you can use it to monitor your efforts!

Product Review


Garmin Vector 2s is a single-sided power metering system that you can quickly attach to all types of cranks without any problems. Of course, you’ll need a special piece of equipment and a torque wrench to do it! But you can get that done in no time.

It works with any groupset you like and that allows you to swipe it between different bikes as well. It is fully compatible with all reliable and well-known Keo systems, which is a huge advantage in itself. For measuring power, there is no better place than the pedal. But Garmin has done a fine job here to form a connection between the bike and its rider.

We are reviewing the single-sided version but you can also upgrade yourself with the double version. There are sensors in the axle of the left-hand pedal. These sensors are for measuring the forces that you are applying with your foot. The pod connects between the crank and the pedal and transmits data using ANT+ protocol wirelessly.

This power meter will only add 30 grams of weight to your bicycle and runs on a single battery (CR2032). This battery has an overall life of 175 hours. But there’s a catch! This battery life is only applicable when you adhere to the rider’s weight limit that is 90kg max.

This power meter is reliable as it gathers and transmits data quickly. You also don’t have to do much when it comes to calibrating this device when running your initial setup before your ride.

With Garmin Vector 2S it’s not just about performance and reliability! This power meter also satisfies all aesthetic requirements pretty well too. And it uses the Keo system that is used by many cyclists around the world.


It is very easy to set up and you can interchange it between different groupsets and bikes as well. 9.5/10


There is no doubt that a power meter can assist you in measuring your physical capacities while you are training hard on your bike. There are many such devices available on the market with tons of new features.

But when it comes to reliable performance you need to go for something that doesn’t take much of your time to get going and provides you with data that you can gauge seamlessly! And for this reason, the Vector 2S from Garmin is one of the best power meters that you’ll find on the market.

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