This is the final video in the series – How we can help you with your training – An introduction to our members area.

Video Transcript

Welcome to getting to the last video in the series. I really want to congratulate you for getting this far. In the first video I talked about how in the last video I was going to cover off how we can take your training further and to introduce you to the members area. Click on “My Training Programs” and have a look at what we have. In “My Training Programs” you’ll see that there is an abundance of training programs that we have, and we’ve got training programs specifically for events.

You’ll see that we’ve got some out here for Around the Bay, and then down here we’ve got some for Amy’s Gran Fondo, Peaks Challenge Gold Coast. In fact all the Peaks Challenge series are incorporated into this. Then we’ve got these other programs, the Maintainer program. The Maintainer program is a fantastic program that’s specifically designed for winter when you’re riding off-season to keep your fitness good during winter, so when you start during summer you’re not having to catch up. You can just step straight into your training again. It’s a great little program.

We’ve also got training programs specifically for building aerobic base, very important, for building strength for hill climbing. We’ve got specific programs for road racing for people that are racing on the road, particularly for racing cyclists. We’ve got criterium racing, specifically for the summer for people who are racing criteriums. We’ve got an awesome time trialing program as well. We cover off quite a few programs. These are all being developed and we’re adding to them all the time.

I wanted to give you an example of what these programs look like. Before you obviously get started you need to select or switch a program. We’ve got some information here. There’s a little selecting thing, and you just select your training program. If you need any help selecting a training program, don’t know which training program is right for you, then all you’ve got to do is just jump back onto the homepage. I’ve got this little support thing here, and this is where you get support from me.

This is something quite unique. You can actually contact me anytime and I’ll respond to you between 24 or 48 hours, to your request, so you ask, “Look, I’m having an issue selecting a training program. Which one do you recommend?” I’ll probably end up asking you a few questions, but you can ask any questions about your training progress, give me updates, I think, just by submitting a ticket here. That’s how we provide feedback on the programs, and I’ll cover a little bit more on that later on.

We’ll go back into the training program section because there’s quite a bit of stuff in here. If you need help getting started, we’ve got a little section here that helps you get started. We’ve got a goals planning worksheet, a season planner. We talk about how to navigate and post stuff on the forum. I’ll cover that a little bit later on. Here’s some stuff here on the forum that you can see on the right-hand side: How to update your avatar, cycling heart rate zones, testing max heart rate, all that really good getting started information.

Again, stuff we’re adding to all the time. Let’s go back to “My Training Programs”. We’ve selected Around the Bay training program. This is a 12-week training program. Some are 12, some are 24. If you open up Week 1, you’ll get an email that will have a link to Week 1. The first thing that you’ll see is the PDF for the training program. Just go to download that, and here’s a copy of the week’s training program. You’ll see that we’ve got off the bike strength training, the Matt Brindle Functional Strength training, and you’ll see that we’ve got two indoor training sessions, one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, recovery ride on Wednesday, and then some stuff out on the road.

The recovery ride can be done on a home trainer or on the road. You notice that this has got zones for you to power or heart rate, so you can train with either. It gives you weekly totals for time on the bike and kilometers ridden. We’ve got some rest session here, as well. We got a rest session on Friday and one on Monday. Some people don’t like to train on indoor trainers. That’s fine. I understand that. What I recommend for people that do get on these programs that like to do all their training out on the road, is to actually have a look at this session on the video, just watch the video of the indoor training session. Then we’ve got a timing sheet, I’ll show a couple seconds and then replicate that session out on the road.

The reason why I say that it’s really important is because in the videos, I explain the proper pedaling techniques on how to stabilize your core and that sort of things. When you’re on the indoor training or out on the road and you’re these specific sessions, it’s just really important that you focus on that.

These are the actual sessions for that training week. You’ll see that we’ve got an indoor training session here, 002 and 081. Those are the two training sessions for the week. Then we have the Matt Brindle Functional Strength training sessions, as well. We open up 081 and you’ll see that this links to a video. You can play the video online, which is great. In that video, you’ll see me working my way through the efforts.

So see me working through the session  in the background. There’s a whole lot of timing things. We also indicate how long the effort’s going to be, what sort of pedaling cadence you should be doing, and which zone you should be in. This looks like a recovery session.

We can also download the videos here. If you want to take the videos offline so you can download to your computer, so you upload to your mobile devices, maybe iPad or your phone so you can watch them anywhere. That’s where you do it. Remember, I mentioned that there was a time and shape sheet. That’s part of this as well. You can just click on that and download it. All of this stuff works on mobile devices. There’s no issues. We’ve spent quite a bit of time getting it working on phones, iPhones, and Android devices, Android phones and things.

Here’s the timing sheet. You’ll see that this is the timing sheet for that particular session. It gives you an indication of what the efforts are, what the zones are. The other thing that you’ll see on this is the Matt Brindle stuff. This is off the bike strength training and it’s incorporated into all of our programs.

You’ll see that Matt Brindle is going through the sessions. You can also download the versions, HD, Standard definition, or mobile versions of those, so you can again download them to your computer and then upload them to your mobile device. Again, they’ll work on iPhones and Androids. No problems with that.

That’s an example of a week. A lot of people ask me about the training programs. Can I tune them? Can I tweek them? They’re standard programs. How do I fit them into my schedule? Things are happening at work. I need to modify them. I’m a shift worker. Those sort of questions.

These training programs are given as a guide. Because you’ve got the ability to contact me at any time in the member’s area through the support or the forum … I’ll show you that in just a little while. You can just raise a ticket and say, look. You can provide feedback on your training. You can say, this week’s a bit too hard. I need to back it off or I need more training. What would suggest? Who would you recommend?

I provide that feedback all the time. All you’ve got to do is raise a message here. That’s how we modify those training programs. I wanted to cover off the forum. Here’s the forum here. You’ll see that people are asking all sorts of questions in the forum. This is where you engage with our members and also myself. For example, here’s somebody commenting on a ride that she did on the Alpe dʼHuez. She rode it twice. All the members have gotten on board and talked to her about that. That’s been fantastic.

Some people are talking about 10-week training blocks. Some people are introducing themselves. Some people are providing feedback. We’ve got people that are interested in hooking up with other riders in the area. We’ve got this person that’s wanting to hook up with some older riders in our member’s area. People selling stuff. People asking about nutritional schedules. FTP training tests.

This is an opportunity to engage with people, our members, to ask them questions, and to hook up with them on rides, and that sort of thing, and also to engage with myself. I’m looking at this during the week all the time. I’ll provide comments and feedback on what’s happening in there as well. It’s a great opportunity to engage with other fellow members and also to engage with me, as well. I understand some people they don’t like to share what they’re doing on their training and stuff on the forum and they want to ask me a personal message, a support thing. Some people are quite happy to share stuff in the forum, and that’s fine. A lot of people really enjoy reading the comments and stuff that’s coming up in the forum. They get quite a bit of insight into our training methodologies and stuff, just on the comments and questions that people are asking just in the forum.

Then we’ve got this massive learn and download section. In here is hours and hours and hours of additional training material. This is for people that want to find out a little bit more about how to train properly. We’ve got sections here: cycle racing tips, high-performance training courses. Let’s have a look at the high-performance training course. In this it’s got a whole lot of information, videos and stuff. There’s 17 articles and videos in this section about various things relating to high-performance, how muscle fibers set cycling performance, how to build a aerobic base on your indoor training, making sense of training load, for those people that want to understand training a little bit better.

That’s the high-performance training center. We’ve got a whole section on racing tips in here. All our indoor training videos are here. You’ll see that you get access to these. These are the ones that we’ll build up in the training program. Maybe one weekend it’s a bit wet and you just want to do something like a little aerobic. You can actually just download this session here. Again, you get access to it. You can download the HD version of it, you can play it online, download the timing sheet for it.

Matt Brindle. We’ve got the Matt Brindle functional strength training, Version One and Version Two. We’ve just released Version Two last year. Major update from the original version that we released in 2007. That’s all the off the bike strength training. We’ve got all the phases in here, introduction, how to use the program, mobilizers, Level One, Level Two, Phases Part One through to Phase Two, Part Two.

We’ve got a whole section on nutrition and weight loss. We’ve got “The Complete Guide to Home Training”. This is an e-book that we used to sell for $70.00. It’s got a whole lot of indoor training sessions. For example, here’s time trialing training sessions. Let’s have a look at that. We’ll see that there’s quite a few here. Let’s have a look at the time trial training, version five. You’ll see here’s the session here. You can download it. If you get bored one weekend and you want to try a different training session, there’s a whole lot in there. We cover all things from hill climbing, increasing speed, VO2MAX, aerobic. There’s a whole lot of chapters about how to get the most out of your indoor trainer. as well on how to analyze data, setting up a home training studio, monitoring and measuring your performance, a whole lot of really good information on that. “The Fastest Way to Improve Your Hill Climbing”, this is another book we produced.

That’s the learn and download section. Those are really the main areas of our member’s area. We’ve also got a Stava Club, so you can join our Strava Club and obviously check with our members on Strava, find out what they’re doing, check the leader board, those sort of things. It integrates all our training methodology into the one place. It’s all done for you.

Look, you can spend hours, days, weeks, months, years, trying to figure this all out, or you can just basically sign up and start rolling through it and course. For those people that just want to get straight into it and start improving their riding, this is a fantastic way to start it. Anyway, I wanted to cover off the member’s area. Look, I wish you all the best with your training. I hope you found this series really insightful.