Sam’s asked the question, how do training programs work when you have so many regular endurance races? Sam, once you get your training program online from our members area then have a look at it and have a look at it and see how it fits into your schedule and also your seasonal planner.

You’ll have a link to your seasonal planner that I’ve added to this session and then match the events that you’ve got coming up [into it]. That will really help you.

So, if you’ve got an event in four week’s time or whatever, you can message me, I’ve got an event in four week’s time, this is an event.

We can make a recommendation about training program you should be on and then as we’re leading into it, two weeks before the event you message me, either in the forum or online and then let me know that your event is coming up and then I’ll taper you into that event.

All right? I’ll make sure if you’ve got other events [on your seasonal planner] that we work through them and make sure you’re on the right training program, right time by switching you between programs.

Again, as you get those programs coming through, we’ll modify them a little bit to make sure that you’re doing the right thing at the right time. All right?