We recommend two indoor training sessions a week, if you enjoy indoor training sessions.

Again you can do those sessions out on the road if you don’t like indoor trainer sessions. If it is raining on the weekend, or you can’t get out on the bike at the weekend, we would add an additional indoor training session to replace those weekend rides.

Sometimes, if the weather is bad you can do indoor training sessions, and you can also do your recovery rides on the indoor trainer as well. If the weather is really bad like here here in winter in Mansfield Victoria the weather is shocking. I know people in Europe and America have issues where they can’t get out on the bike for weeks and weeks. We have a maintainer program specifically for these situations. The programs are predominantly indoor trainer, until they have time to get out on the road.

Ideally, you want to spend two sessions on the indoor trainer a week, and then on the weekends get out on the road, but like I say, if weather is bad then we would be doing more indoor training sessions.