The SCODY 3 Peak Challenge is one of the most demanding one day cycling events that you can do on the Australian cycling calendar. On the 17 Dec you’ll only have 12 weeks to go till before you’ll be on the start line at the top of Falls Creek ready to descend down the first 30 km mountain and continue on your epic ride. A ride that I believe will take you through some of the most scenic and challenging places in Australia.

To ensure that you are in the best possible physical and mental condition for the event it’s now time to start your structure 12-week training program. If you have been following my articles you’ll already have these three key things sorted to ensure that you start your focused training campaign unhindered:

  • That you have arranged your stakeholder buy-in to ensure that you the support from your family and work colleagues
  • That you have been correctly fitted to your bike
  • That your bikes been serviced and your tyres are in good condition

If you have missed these articles then here are the links to them:

Once you have these sorted you’ll have everything in place to start your 12 week training program. So if you haven’t already, please take the time to download the free 12-week training program that I have created for you.

This program provides you with a structured progress build to ensure that will get you to the start line fit, trim and in the best physical condition to take on this epic challenge that Bicycle Network have put together for you. This program is broken down and provides you with a plan for every single day leading up to the event.

So now that you are about the start the program here are some important tips that Ill like you to consider.

I recommend that you follow the program, but if you do have additional time to train then, by all means, get out there and ride. If you do so please remember to back off your training during the recovery weeks to ensure that you give your body time to rest and adapt. This is because the training load creates the stimulus in your body and triggers it to start improving but it is when you are recovering that your body actually makes the necessary physiological changes that make you fitter. This is why the recovery weeks are scheduled in on every fourth week.

I also recommend that you do the training specified on the specific days of the week as the program describes but if you do have other commitments that get in the way of this then you can swap around the sessions during the week to suit. Just try to complete all the sessions prescribed by the end of the week. Avoid doubling up two sessions in the one day where possible. If for whatever reason you are unable to perform all the sessions during the week then never try to “catch it up” the following week. A missed session is a missed session. Start each training week fresh.

As you build your fitness you may find that you are tired on weeks two and three. This is normal and for that reason week, four is a recovery week. Ensure that you keep your cycle training volume and intensity low during these recovery weeks by closely following the program so that you to give your body time to adapt and build your fitness.

Remember you cant cram your training into a few weeks like an exam as it takes time for your body to get fit. Consistency is king so by following the program you can keep your training focused and constant while and building your fitness progressively over many weeks to get the best results.

We have also created a professional complete 6 disk training pack to go with this program that covers off everything including the sub 13 and sub 12 week training programs, all the indoor training workouts on video so that you can train with me, videos that provide advice on nutrition, hydration, our training program and our guide to heart rate training and guide to home training.