The Kurt Kinetic Cycle Trainers provide 100’s of KM’s of maintenance free riding. Here are the manuals and a few tips to ensure that you get the best from your Kurt Kinetic Indoor bike trainer.

Kurt Kinetic indoor home bike trainer tips

Roller Tension adjustment knob– We find that 4 to 4.5 turns on the adjustment knob provides the best tension to match the power curve of the trainer. Also pumping your tyres up to 110 psi provide you with the most consistent results. Do not over-tighten the adjustment knob!!! Over-tightening will cause both tyre and unit damage. Tighten only enough to avoid tyre slippage.

Adjustment Knob Thread – If you lubricate the Adjustment Knob Thread with a little grease it will tension up nice and easy.

Rock-and-Roll The correct tension for the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll trainer floating pad is 25 ft-lb’s or around 35 Nm (with lubrication) or 35 ft-lb’s or 47 Nm (without lubrication). If you don’t do these up tight enough the trainer will lean to the left or the right.

Striped Adjustment Knob Thread – Up until a few years ago the older trainer’s tension bolt and nut were prone to striping if over tightened. This part has been replaced with a newer bolt and nut that is bigger. Your dealer can provide you with a replacement part if you need one.

Look after it – Store the trainer indoors, out of the rain and away from temperature extremes. Since sweat is corrosive, you can extend the life of your trainer by wiping it off after your workout.

Keep it safe – While in use, the wheel of your bike and the resistance unit may be spinning at high speeds. For this reason keep children, pets and all items safely away from your trainer while in use. Also be sure that your bike is correctly installed and securely locked into the trainer before riding.

Kinetic manuals

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