• Simple to follow, time-saving and proven online training program.
  • Unlimited coaching support via email to take the guesswork out of your training.
  • Pay as you go affordable monthly payments.
  • Access to our private community forum for additional support.
  • Zero Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Cycling-Inform specialises in preparing cyclists for these epic events through the delivery of high-quality training programs and coaching support.

Giving you all the training tools you need for success.

What’s Included

Detailed training program delivered to you weekly ($179 Value)

Indoor training videos compatible with Zwift, Trainer Road and Garmin ($162 Value)

Off the bike strength training course ($362 Value)

Unlimited coaching email support ($315 per month value)

Bonus – Instant access to hours of training content and articles ($2,700 value)

+ The confidence that you are totally prepared when you get to the start line (Priceless)

Total Value = $3,718

Your Price = $49 per month

No locked in contracts, cancel at any time and 30-day risk-free Money Back Guarantee

Compatible with Zwift and Trainer Road

Maximum Improvement With Minimum Training Time

We have been working with cyclists that have the same challenges as you, juggling their training around their family and work commitments. They have demanded a super lean and time-efficient training program that gets results fast.

Whatever level you are riding at right now, you can take advantage of our experience, giving you hours of previously wasted training time back as well as quickly getting an improvement with your cycling performance.

Progressive Optimized Block Periodised Training

Unlike the traditional theory of periodization training that recommends simultaneous development of many abilities, we break your training cycles up into consecutive mesocycle-blocks using our unique “Progressive Optimized Block Periodisation Training”.

This unique training method has been specifically designed to enable the busy cyclist like you to get the maximum results while fitting your training around your family and work commitments. It also means that you can perform at your best for multiple events throughout the year without the risk of burnout.

This technique has been developed from the success of prolonged studies with our athletes over the last 10 years.

Off The Bike Strength Training Video Program

With so many of our cyclists now being deskbound in the office, it was important that we developed a strength training video series designed to help you to quickly start producing more power on the bike.

A year to develop, this program has been tuned by professional cyclists racing at state, national and international level competition. No other strength training program comes close to its depth. It’s designed so you can train at home without the need to join an expensive gym or pay for one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.

Missing from most training programs, it’s these super-effective “secret” core strength and conditioning workouts that underpin our training programs and take the guess work out of your off the bike strength training.

Key Benefits And Features

High Quality Progressive Build Indoor Training Sessions Designed To Build Your Fitness Year On Year.

Many of our cyclists are training for much of the year. So, unlike super high intensity short “crash dieting” (gained quickly and lost quickly) indoor training sessions that have you wanting to throw up after each session, our instructional indoor training sessions are designed to be sustainable.

With our sessions you can build your fitness month on month, year on year without being a victim to your training or burning out. You want to use the limited time you have to train on your indoor trainer constructively.

So, we spend much of the time in our instructional indoor training videos teaching you the correct technique as you train through the intervals. You are not left on your own guessing whether you are getting the technique right. Remember, good pedalling technique enables you to develop greater quality power that you can deliver efficiently to the bike while under load. It’s critically important that you develop this for the climbs you’ll encounter during the Amy’s Gran Fondo event.

  • Zero Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • ZERO RISK 100% Money Back

    We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. We’re so sure that you’ll get results that we offer you a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You will get an entire 30 days to give our training a try. We’re here to support you.
    If you try our training and it does not work, just let us know. We’ll happily give you all your money back and you get to keep what you have downloaded.

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