Michael Calladine’s Around the Bay Ride Report

Hi David,
Yes I did ride the 210km Sorrento return, first time at that distance.
Had a great day, despite the head wind coming back into Melbourne.
The training program enabled me to do the ride with relative ease, Thank you… and was able to do the trip in just on 7hrs (7:40ish elapsed) at an average of 28km/hr moving speed at an average of 181watts, target was to go sub 8 hrs. 
I could certainly tell that the training had massively increased my base endurance levels, and planning the ride, nutrition and pace strategy beforehand was key to keeping me on-track. As a few times found myself pushing to catch or hold onto a stronger group that would push me out of my planned zone, so would pull back and get back into my own pace.
The plan was to save something in the tank for the return trip into the wind, so tried to maintain around 150/175watt (current FTP 263) average especially as there was a bit of wind assistance. Went straight through to Sorrento in 3hr 15min feeling really good, honestly in hindsight could have hit it a little harder (gives me a target for next time), 20 odd minute break and started return leg. 
Getting into a few large groups on the return leg definitely helped, never really done big group rides was totally amazed at the difference it’s makes.
So big thanks to you and your team.
Michael Calladine