My new ride – A Dura-Ace equipped Giant TCR Advanced SL

Ask me a few years ago if I would ride a Giant and I’d probably say no. That was until both a few of my friends from our team got themselves one of these, the Giant TCR Advanced SL, and couldn’t stop raving about them. One of them is very much into detail and is very fanatical about the bike that he rides and the gear that he uses.  Hearing that he thinks the Giant TCR advanced is the best bike he has ridden speaks volumes about how good these Giants bikes are.

Giant has come a long way in the past seven years. Many of the people on our coaching program that race are riding these bikes and all have provided such great feedback on them. I think the reason for this is simple. Not being a company that sits still for long Giant have been on a mission to improve their bikes every time they release a new model and they strive to be the best in the world. They don’t need to talk through a smokescreen of marketing hype about how good their bikes are like a few other manufactures in the market, they just demonstrate by delivering a fantastic bike at a good price. Also, Giant manufacture a lot of bikes for big brand names including an Italian company called Colnago. Yes, Giant is now regarded in the industry as one of the world leaders in carbon frame manufacturing and bike building.

I personally saw a definite shift when they started sponsoring the German Team Telecom. It was at the same time that Cadel was riding for them and didn’t get to ride the tour and Jan Ullrich was the only one game enough to take on Lance Armstrong. Since then Giant have accelerate their research and development and today they are producing bikes that I believe to be world-class. When people ask me what bike I would recommend and I tell them that you can’t go wrong with a Giant…. and… that my next bike would be one.

So today, with the help of Leon from the Giant Ormond store on North Road, Ormond in Melbourne I picked up my first Giant TCR Advanced SL equipped with Dura-Ace.

Leon has been nothing but great to deal with down at Giant Ormond. If you are in the market to purchase a bike I would recommend that you go a see him. Please mention that you heard about him on our website.