Firstly, well done on your Peaks Challenge Falls Creek ride. The weather was perfect for the event.

If you have been following my tips and the training program. I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting the volume, build and tapering right so that you should have finished the event feeling fairly tired but not absolutely wrecked.  I have been receiving some emails from some very happy riders that completed the event and followed our training and tips.

Here are some tips to help speed up your recovery.

Firstly, it usually takes around 48 hours for your body to respond to an event like Peaks Challenge Falls Creek so you may find that it will hit you and you feel the most tired then. Then after the first 48 hours you’ll start to bounce back.

Another thing to note that it usually takes two weeks to completely recover from an event like this so you may find that you still won’t be riding very fast this coming weekend. This is normal. Just listen to your body and it will tell you when you are ready to resume back to your full training again.  Should be within this two-week window.

Over the next two weeks, I like to advise my clients to take it easy and just get out and ride the bike when they feel like it. No pressure. I recommend that my clients do this even if they have another block of training ahead of them for their next event. This helps the body recover as well as clear the head. So easy rides done around E1 or less than 75% of your max heart rate, preferably on flattish courses. After you have completed your two-week easy riding break, you can resume your training load. Doing this will ensure that you hit your next block fresh and it will maximize your next block of training so your build will be stronger. You can also leverage off of the training effect that will result from having done the ride.

To help speed up the process of body repair I like to take the Hydrolyte Electrolyte drink. This is not the sports version with sugar in it but the normal electrolyte drink. You can pick this up from the chemist.  This will help reduce night cramps if you are suffering these. The only other nutritional supplements I would recommend is zinc and magnesium. This helps with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Also, make sue you get plenty of rest and sleep for the next two weeks. Sleep is one of the best ways to help you recover. If you area able to manage your recovery well you’ll get quite a substantial lift in your fitness within the next two weeks. And, as mentioned, this will help you with your next block of training.

Remember to continue to do your stretching or do a few yoga classes to stretch out your body.

All the best and well done on the ride.   It’s a massive achievement, regardless of where you ended up.