I’ve been doing the CI training programs for a Year. Truth be told I’ve been doing David programs since Nov 2013, but not seriously until this time last year. So decided to review how I’ve come in the last year.

(1) The biggest change for me has been a reduction in weight; consistent training and motivation have made a huge impact on my overall weight, and that’s without ridiculous dieting required! Sure I can still afford to lose a bit more but it’s coming off slowly which is good! The weight part of the power to weight ratio is going the right direction, I’m nudging ever so slowly to being 20Kg lighter than I was a little over a year ago.

(2) Power, despite some weight loss my power overall at FTP has increased slowly and steadily, while I used to obsess about my FTP and test regularly, I haven’t tested in quite a long time, but I definitely feel better holding more power, my interval outputs have also slowly risen, I’m happy, while the power progression curve has slowed down it’s still creeping up, Power up, weight down, that’s good on the climbing front!

(3) Overall fitness, also improving, I feel better, stronger, faster my resting HR is low, not Miguel Indurain low, but I’m happy with it, I can handle long rides easily, recover well from big rides and am now dishing out the hurt on the group rides no matter the terrain whereas previously I struggled on climbs while being strong on the flats

(4) Bike related joyfulness is also maintaining high levels! I still look at the bike and want to jump on, occasionally I look at it and the trainer together and am less than enthused but it passes and being fitter and stronger on the bike is very encouraging to pushing the boundaries of what and where I go on the bike.

(5) Suffering, I have learnt the joy of suffering on the bike, all the above doesn’t come from eating cream buns and watching Gilmore Girls, some pain had to be endured, but it’s not that bad and I do get the weird pleasure from seeing the pool of sweat under the bike after a nasty session.

(6) Sprinting, most of the programs I’ve done have focused on the climbing side of the equation, not so much the sprints, I’ve always been a strong sprinter, so I haven’t worked on this side in a long while, I still sprint well and am generally there at the end of the races, then it’s a bit of a lottery for the win, but I’m always there regardless of the terrain whereas previously I wasn’t always at the end, you’ve got to be there for the win!

Overall I’m really happy with the impact of following a nice simple structured training program, it’s worked, while I haven’t followed any of the programs 100% I’ve tried to fit it into my life, and it’s challenges, I’ve knocked 30 minutes off my Peaks challenge Falls Creek time, and at the moment I think I can shave another 30 mins off next time with a better eating strategy. I’ve won a few races over the last year that is great, I’ve lost more but I’m consistently placing well which is good no more finishing well back cause of small hills and becoming a feared rider in the grade is great!

Thanks to David and the rest of the forum people for helping motivate and drive me to increased awesomeness, here’s hoping I can add another layer of awesome to my bike riding over the next year.