This e-mail arrived from Stuart. He thinks he has found the definitive answer to treating Cyclists Saddle Sores… Thanks Stuart. I’ve heard good news about this ointment. When you go into Black Rock Pharmacy ask for it by name. It’s in a cupboard out the back in the pharmacy section. One of the Pharmacists makes it up.

Written By Stuart

Hey Guys,

Apparently it’s the season for them? 2 or 3 weeks ago I rubbed one up big enough to merit its own postcode and the hurt was becoming a bit distracting. I think I was also favouring one side and throwing my hip out a little each ride. Not good.

To the point – after wandering in to several chemists over the last couple of weeks and explaining my story and trying everything from nappy rash cream to pawpaw ointment to hemorrhoid cream I lucked on A CHEMIST WHO IS A CYCLIST!! A young guy at the Black Rock Chemist (Melborune, Victoria) gave me a little pot of behind the counter stuff called simply “Dermatitis Ointment”. One of those mysterious old school chemist things, mostly zinc and wool fat. It’s working, after 2days the sore is nearly gone, and no pain at all on this morning’s ride. Get onto it.

BTW (1) I have tried my grandad’s metho remedy, it works but it really, really stings and my wife complained about the smell. In any case methanol is apparently an accumulative poison and prolonged exposure can have health effects down the track. If you do want to use metho, you should at least have a few shots of vodka so your body processes the voddy in preference and you can secrete/excrete the methanol before the (toxic) formic acid/formaldehyde conversion occurs. Which is all a bit too complicated.

BTW (2) I’m (almost) starting to like riding into wind. Lemons into lemonade.


Stuart, Melbourne, VIC.