We get this question asked a lot so in this video, I’m going to talk about how your indoor trainer connects to and syncs to Zwift, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, and Strava.


All right, so in this video, I’m going to talk about how to get data from Zwift into Garmin Connect and Training Peaks and Zwift, sorry, and Strava. So, here’s a bit of a diagram on how this all works. Basically, you’ve got your trainer here, not a great picture of a trainer. Sorry about that. What happens is, that when you ride your trainer, you obviously connect your trainer to Zwift, and you may have your bike and your trainer connected to your bike computer as well, all right? So these two are connected, and I actually have Zwift, obviously. When I’m riding on Zwift I’ve got my bike and my trainer, and I’m getting power data from my trainer. I’m getting cadence from my pedals, heart rate monitor from my heart rate strap, all feeding into Zwift, and all feeding into my bike computer as well, I’ve got a Garmin computer.

Now, most people have their bike computer connected to Garmin Connect, so when they finish their ride on their bike computer, they just upload their ride, and that generally connects to Strava. So if you’re doing a session on Zwift, and you’re recording it on your bike computer, and you stop your session and upload that file to Garmin Connect, that’ll generally end up with Strava. Now, you can connect Garmin Connect to Training Peaks as well. So each of your data also appears in Training Peaks. There’s a simple connection, and I’ll have a link to that connection, how to set that up, at the bottom of this video. Now, Zwift can do the same thing. Instead of using your bike computer, you can have your Zwift data connect to Strava. So you can connect it straight to Strava, and you connect your Zwift to Training Peaks as well.

Now, the problem with this is that if you decide that you record both your ride on Zwift and on your bike computer, and you upload your bike computer to Garmin Connect, and it syncs to Strava and Training Peaks, and then you also upload your file from Zwift to Strava and Training Peaks, you’ll end up with two rides in here, in most cases. Sometimes Strava will figure out that they’re the same ride and only record one of them, but Training Peaks will definitely see this as two rides. Now, I actually do this. I record my ride on Zwift, and then upload it to Strava and Training Peaks. I also record it on my bike computer, upload it to Garmin Connect, and then it syncs to Strava and Training Peaks, and I just delete the file that I don’t want, all right.

But how you connect, these are the two connections here. If you want to connect Zwift to Training Peaks and to Strava, this is how you do it. You need to log into your account with the web address? So log into Zwift via the web account, and go to ‘settings’ and then ‘connections’. Here, you just connect Strava and Training Peaks. This is where you connect those connections. You can also connect it to Garmin Connect as well. And what happens is, that when you finish your ride… We’re riding on Zwift, ride’s paused, we end our ride. Once you’ve got those connections sorted out, you just go ‘save’, and ‘exit’, and you see it’s saving to Strava, Garmin Connect, and Training Peaks. And you just click that, or you can just discard that if you want, okay. So that’s how it works.

Here is the link to connect Garmin Connect to Training Peaks (you need to be logged in to Training Peaks for this to work):