In this video, I talk about a small commitment I’ve made with myself this year that will make a huge difference to my riding.


Hi, it’s David Heatley here from Cycling-Inform and shh! I just want you to listen to what’s going on in the background.

Yeah, absolutely nothing. It’s really, really quiet up here in the Adelaide Hills. I’m just going out from my usual Wednesday ride and I’m very fortunate because of our lifestyle business that I do get the opportunity to get at during the day and ride up in the Adelaide Hills. Now one of the reasons why me and my wife, Jodie, decided to move to Adelaide was that we really wanted to do some awesome riding. The serenity that we have around here, I don’t know about you, but like absolute magic riding for us.

You may notice we’re a little bit wrapped up here at the moment. The reason for that is that yesterday we had a bit of a cold front come through Adelaide and it’s currently six degrees up here in the Adelaide Hills. Now you wouldn’t guess that. We certainly don’t have any snow up here, but it is very cold, but it’s fantastic. I feel like I’m riding in Belgium or in Italy, in the Alps.

So we have vineyards and everything and look, I’m very, very fortunate, very, very lucky that we did make the decision to come over and move to Adelaide. We’re really enjoying the riding here, both me and Jodie, and I hope this video inspires you to get out and do some riding in the cold where I’m certainly committed to riding through the winter this year. I spent a bit of money on getting some really good, nice, warm, cycling clothing to enable me to ride during winter and of course, the weather’s not too shabby here during winter in Adelaide, so it just makes it a little bit easier.

But I hope it inspires you to keep riding during winter, and the great thing about being able to do that is that when spring comes, you don’t have to spend so much time catching up with your fitness. And I know I previously, when I haven’t ridden much during winter, it’s taken me all summer to get really, really fit again. Last year I rode through winter and it meant that things were a lot better. Now there’s cars coming, but I hope that inspires you. Be awesome on the bike and we’ll catch you soon.