A lot of people question me about why am I doing this insane cycling challenge.


When I ride on my day to day route and stop for a few minutes and talk to other cyclists and they hear that I am doing this challenge they say I am mad :-) but wish me all the best. Even my family thinks that I have gone insane with the amount of cycling that I do these days and when they hear about my challenge they try to pursue me to change my mind.

So why the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek? What has consumed us to do this insane challenge?

For me, I think this whole cycling craziness started last year. We had just returned from holidays in April last year, and I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was unhealthy and on the borderline of  having high cholesterol. Too much drinking and unhealthy eating habits meant I had a big belly and was constantly buying bigger size clothing. Though I had quit, smoking I was still a social smoker.

Then one fine day something clicked in me, and I thought I had to change something in my life else I will end up being this obese middle aged man. I initially started with running and the first time I ran I almost died as I could not even breathe. I think I lasted the jog for 10 min which consisted of me running for 1 min and trying to catch my breath for the next 9 min. I continued with my goal and by August I was running 10 km and was about 6 Kg lighter. Then I bought my first hybrid bike and enjoyed cycling that I decided to do the Sydney to Gong ride (57Km). Till then I had only ridden a few times and probably ridden a max of about 30km. I successfully completed the ride and struggled to complete it, but I enjoyed being outdoors and the feeling of wind against my face. I enjoyed cycling so much that I swapped by hybrid for a road bike and since then there has been no looking back. My rides have become longer and also did the Bobbin Head Classic, and that was my first ever 100km ride. Since the start of my health journey, I have lost about 13 Kg. I am a lot more conscious of what I eat and drink and don’t over indulge, but do everything in moderation.

I think for me it’s about trying to prove myself that with dedication you can achieve your goals. I have never done anything like this before and is probably the biggest challenge of my life. Been riding for less than a year, and I think it’s a big challenge for a fairly new rider. If anyone asked me about Peaks Challenge Falls Creek at the start of last year I would have said I have no idea, but for the past six months it has consumed me. I am not too sure if I will successfully be able to complete the ride but will give it everything that I have and hope for the best :-)