Not getting results and losing direction in your cycle training? You’re getting out on the bike and riding hard but you don’t seem to be improving. Its frustrating. You want to get fitter, climb hills faster but its getting you down and you loosing motivation. Its one of the problems that I deal with when people first come onto our coaching program. But its simple to resolve with only a few tweaks to what they are doing and some focused goal setting.

Its time to take control and get your mojo back. Here are nine pointers to help you break out of the rut and renew your cycle training passion.

  • Establish some short and long term goals. This is critical. Its much easier to stay motivated if you have a goal that you are working towards. It may be a recreational ride you plan to do or a big race that is coming up on the racing calendar. Once you have these established you need to break these big goals down into smaller goals.
  • Works out some weekly targets, like the expected weekly kms you want to ride in a week, time on the bike or amount of training sessions you want to do a week.
  • Take these weekly targets and break them down again into daily training rides that are achievable and fit around your busy schedule. The most important thing with this plan is base it on achievable and sensible goals.
  • Ensure your cycling training plan addresses your weaknesses too. Base it on specific training to match the requirements of your big goals. Include intervals, stretching, strength and power workouts as well.
  • Include hard and easy days and at least one rest day a week. Your training plan is the most powerful tool you have to keep you motivated.
  • Set up a benchmark test. This could be the time it takes you to climb a hill on you regularly ride. Or the average speed of an interval session you do on your home trainer.
  • Start tracking your progress against your training plan and review it weekly. Fine tune it if you need to and ensure that it still continues to be achievable and fits around your busy life. If the plan is to hard then you are only going to get despondent when you don’t meet your targets. If this is the case, cut back the program until you are able to achieve it.
  • Measure yourself against your benchmark test weekly to get feedback that your training is working. Success breeds success and confidence. So set yourself up to succeed by measuring it and celebrating your wins.
  • Don’t be put off by setbacks. Even with the best planning and intent, setbacks do happen. Turn them around into positives and don’t let them distract you from your goal. Setbacks toughen you up and make you a better person. Understand this and move on from them with renewed energy knowing that you are on your way to greater things.