Safe Bunch Riding Skills – How to Overtake a Cycling Bunch Safely


Watch how a cyclist almost gets cleaned up by a car while overtaking a bunch. Doing things like this gives cyclists a bad name. In this bunch riding training video we show the wrong and right way to overtake a cycling bunch and avoid upsetting people driving cars and keeping everyone in the bunch safe.

Here is a piece of video I managed to capture on my Go-Pro.  It was taken this week on the Tuesday morning North Road Ride (NRR) and we have just come through Blackrock.  We’re sitting on somewhere between 42-45 kilometres an hour.  Im just sitting in the bunch and weve got about seven or eight people at the front rolling turns and then weve got a gatekeeper. Then I am sitting about four to five bike lengths back from the rolling turns. So, I am sort of fairly close to the head of the bunch.

So I’ll show you what Ive managed to capture.  And this is the muppet move of the day. So here we go, here he is. He is just screams past the side of the bunch and you will see this car, it has to brake pretty heavily now. Now its pretty daunting for people driving cars going past these fast bunches.  Its compounded by random riders just jumping out without looking and doing crazy things like that.

Now, heres a piece of video footage on how to do it properly.  It was actually taken a couple of minutes later.  So, here we go.  This guy is coming in.  You will notice that he hasnt gone on to the other side of the other lane to be able to do this manoeuvre.  He has indicated to come in.  So I know that he is going to drop in to that slot and I have left him a bit of room. He is all good, nice and comfortable and he has obviously planned this move.

He is thinking, yep, I am going to wait for the right opportunity and here we go.  He is just going to glance to the right to check that there are no cars coming, yep quick glance, and then he screams up the bunch.  You notice that he tries to keep as much as possible in that left hand lane.  Now, obviously he is just on that white line.  Nice and smooth.  Fantastic move.  That is how you do it properly.  Alright, so if you are ever overtaking bunches, now you know how to do it.