Title: Adrian Horton’s Around the Bay Ride Report

Dear David,

I am 62 years old and now weigh 76 kgs. Completed 250 km ATB on Sunday. Ride time 9 hrs 15 min. Finished at 4:45 pm.
It was my best time. Last year was 1 hr longer. I also felt much better and could onto groups. Mind you the extra strength winds were significant.
Things about the training that helped

1. Technique in pedal stroke. The “scape the chewing gum from under your feet” utilising the back of the legs developed muscle I have not used fully in the past. It was amazing to feel the difference.
On climbs the use of bars to hold than the hoods helped me greatly to use the glutes more. I still struggle with climbs. I would stand up for short climbs and sit with longer climbs. I learnt how more efficient the seated position was for climbs.

2. Cadence. I could not maintain 100 rpm for more than 1 min but could do 93-95 for up to 5-10 min. This helped to keep momentum and kept my heart down to 135-140 bpm. It was more difficult on climbs which resulted in 70-75 rpm but still was better than my old 50-60 rpm. On the flat I could sit in the drops at 93 rpm and maintain 33-35 kph. That was great for me.

3. Videos. Strength Endurance Ergo helped the most to support the technique and cadence. The Lucas Owen stretching video was great. MBFST2 – Phase02 – Part one helped but I should have done more. I wish I could have stronger legs..

4. Weight loss. I lost 7 kgs for the ATB. I followed the heart rate 70-80% of my max level. 2 hr rides on no food before, long rides with porridge before and 50-80 gms carbs every hr. I used “Torq” bars- great as you could chew them while riding without having to drink at the same time.

5. Planners. This helped with motivation. Kept me focused on the approaching ride. I had to adjust the timetable as I worked long hours Tuesday and Thursday.
In summary, I felt a great benefit in the overall arrangement. I will continue with it for the new events that come up over the year.

Many thanks