Tony Smith’s Around the Bay Ride Report

Hi David
As expected and consistent with previous experience, your training got me to the start line in good form. I did the 135 Geelong to Melbourne with 2 mates. A bloke from Torquay latched onto us along the way.
The ride was fairly brutal with strongish head and cross winds from Sorrento. I had a mechanical with a broken rear gear cable just before Frankston (fortunately the on ride mechanics were able to divert me to a local bike shop where it got fixed). One of my mates had a herniated tyre hole before Queenscliff – fortunately one of us had an internal tyre patch.
Anyway, we got it done as a team of four by supporting each other and sharing the load. I’m glad I did David’s training as I felt strong, fit and capable.
Having said that, I doubt I’ll do it again. The lack of closed roads and lack of any parking controls meant bikes had to share the left lane with parked cars. We were riding in the door zone almost all the way down Beach Road. I’ve never had so many close passes in a single day as on this ride. Finally there were way to many people who had no idea of how to ride in groups. Bicycle Network could learn a lot from Amy’s re closed roads, managed roads and pre-ride safety briefings. If Beach Road can be closed for runners next weekend, why can’t it be closed for Around the Bay?
This is to take nothing away from the great job done by the volunteers.
Anyway, next weekend is St Arnuad Saints and Sinners then the Bendigo Classic :-)
Tony Smith