In this cycling tip we explain how to build strength and endurance on the bike.



Well we work on the philosophy that you need to build your endurance base first and then that’s endurance, and then you need to build strength and then you build speed.

So the first thing that we do with people is we get them out riding and just getting some volume into the training nice and easy to build up some endurance.

Then we build some strength on that by lowering the cadence to around about 70-60 rpms and having some of their rides, all their indoor training sessions like the hill climbing power cadence steps that we have on DVD to improve their strength.

We combine that with the Matt Brindle Functional Strength Training off the bike. That builds the strength, and then on top of that, we start developing speed. We do this by working on developing the intermediate muscle fibers, and to do that, we do indoor training sessions and sessions out on the road where we are riding an E3 and VO2 max.

We’ve got some fantastic indoor training DVD’s that cover off some of these exercises including the Fruit Bowl DVD. Now, once we’ve done a few weeks of these high intensity efforts, we’ll find that the athlete that we’re working with will develop very good speed on top of all the work that was done prior to that. So, I’ll see some fantastic results by working through that methodology.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these cycling tips. My name is David Heatley from Cycling-Inform.

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