Then we were going through the process of sorting out our cycling kit a few years back, there seemed more concerned with the length of the sock from most team members than anything else to do with our design…


These images were taken at the Australian Nationals. THE MOST IMPORTANT ROAD RACE OF THE YEAR on the Australia calendar.

It provides a cross section of cycling sock etiquette. Comments please…

Genesys choice of sock. Long and orange… They think it’s cool. Cool or not cool?

Anything with a kangaroo and the national Australian stripes.  Cool or not cool?

Black and white Capo socks. Ok, I think these are cool.

White long socks. Cool or not cool. Perhaps cool if you have a great tan and real skinny legs (as pictured).

Long blue and white socks. I like blue and white so cool.

Your mother’s tennis socks. Not cool.

Black mid length socks… Cool if you are Lance?

Columba Highroad socks. Match the bike. Cool or not cool?

Shorti-sh Simple white sock with… errr. script writing on it… Cool or not cool?

Sister’s tennis sock… What the? Not cool.

Long, white with red square on it and a black line? Designer thought it was cool. Is it art, cool or not cool?

Non descript white sock ridden by Australian pro rider perhaps? Got the drink bottles. Cool or not cool for pro riders to not wear team issue socks?

BMC Short RED socks. I think they are too short to be cool. Cool or not cool?

Black short socks… Not Capo. Not long. Not cool.

Rabobank booties. Only cool if you are a pro and you want to hide your shoes because they are not team issue otherwise not cool.

Campagnolo socks… Cool-ish. They have Campagnolo on them so they are cool. I want them to be cool… But… they don’t look cool… Such a dilemma…

Astana socks. Cool or not cool?

“V” socks. Like the airline when they treat my bike nice. Australian champion stripes are cool if you are an Australian champion. Cool or not cool?