After a recent article in a newsletter, we got the following reply from Wayne

“I received your email last week with your first video message and listened with interest. Having not been able to ride or race for the last sixteen months due to my accident and subsequent brain Injury I had put on an embarrassing amount of weight. Most of my family and friends think I look well but to me, I knew what had happened. I now weigh just under 90 kilos as of 16th January which is an almost 20-kilo increase since Sept 2011. I still don’t show this weight but I know it’s there as the scales don’t lie.

I told my wife, Teresa and she said I must be mistaken but luckily I had found my old Training Dairy and showed her where I had written down my old race weight at the Master’s Games which was probably my last serious event.

I have been also suffering since mid-December from some other issues that have occurred previously if I had a poor diet with too many sweets and bread, so I was interested when you mentioned brown rice and porridge from oats.

This had also been a part of my old diet, so having changed my breakfast to Weet- Bix recently and still having full grain oats in the cupboard I started having porridge for breakfast again this past week. I have always and still do our family weekly shopping on a Wednesday so I looked at the supermarket for my trusty quick cook Brown Rice in the re-sealable meal size bags. My regular brand has apparently recently changed their packaging to a single portion plastic tub in a two-pack. I bought some of these along with some small snack-size tins of salmon which were on special.

I commenced this diet last Thursday,17th January. The rice was a welcome change from my daily lunch of a self-made toasted sandwich which was made of Rye bread, tomato, a light cheese slice along with a slice of either pre-packed Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef. I never would have bought these meat slices prior to my accident but things have changed. I also eat too much white chocolate which you would never have found in our fridge, as I was known by my family as ‘The Fat Police’, LOL.

Having just received your latest Video email I had to weigh myself and see what improvement I had made although only 5 days since I started the new regime, imagine my surprise when I weighed myself on our trusty Fat measuring scales which still work 100% only requiring a battery change, which I have done.

In this short time, I have lost 3 kilos which is pretty good, considering I have only given up the choccky, changed my breakfast to oat porridge and a brown rice tub for lunch mixed with a snack-size can of Salmon in spring water.

I have also increased my daily training on my recumbent trainer from 20 Mins to initially 1 Hour and now 1 hr 20 min on a 3% up flat course on three of the days as the other two were too hot here being up to 40 degrees C.”