Is it possible to stay competitive all year or is it better to target a few races?

Andrew, that’s a really good question.

Because we’re working through this block periodisation training program, it allows us to be able to make sure that during a season, you’re able to peak for various events.

Obviously, there’s some preseason training that I prefer people go through, and I would assume, you’re saying March to November – March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November.

So we’ve got December, January, February …

Three months before you get back into March. I usually recommend that people take two or three weeks off, just easy, just rolling around doing what you want to do. You can cross-train, do other things. Then we step back into it again.

Andrew, if you want, we can work through your seasonable planner, work out which are your key events through that season, and then start working and putting there a seasonal planner specifically to address those races and making sure, just like with Bill’s training program, we’re working through that.

That’s fairly easy to do. All right? So I hope that answered your question, but yeah, certainly, you do need to obviously …

Because of the cycles that we go through, we’re progressively building, so the idea is that we’d have some important events that we’d be targeting. We may find that you might be not at your optimal best all the way through the season, but we can get you pretty high on most of it and making sure that we’re managing the training load so that you’re not burning yourself out.

A lot of people that have come onto our program, like you, Andrew, who have a road racing mountain bike season, and you’re training all the time, they tend to over-train, not giving themselves enough recovery. I spend a lot of time working with those people, managing their load, so I hope that answers your question.